Is Dbanj Finally Engaged To Adama Indimi?! Check Out The Ring On Her Finger!

The last time D’banj talked about marriage was when he turned 34 in June, and he hinted that he might have been engaged.

There are now reports that D’banj may already have proposed to Adama Indimi as a diamond ring  was spotted on her left finger at Dbanj’s mum 61st birthday celebration.

The birthday celebration was a private event and only very

close family attended, the celebrants children, their significant others, and children were presented. Adama Indimi was there as Dbanj’s lady love…..

See a close look at the ring below.



In his interview with Vanguard some months back:

At 34 years, is D’banj not thinking of settling down?
Of course, I am thinking of settling down. Who said, I am not married? My private life must remain private, especially to the press.

Meaning that D’banj is secretly married?
It could be so.

Who is the woman in your life?
I wouldn’t disclose her identity so that they don’t plan to kidnap her.




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