Nigeria Faces Ebola Outbreak As Health Ministry Confirms 2nd Case Of Virus

Tension has risen in Nigeria as the country’s health ministry confirmed a second case of the deadly Ebola virus after the doctor who treated the country’s first victim tested positive to the virus.

“Three others who participated in that treatment who are currently symptomatic have had their samples taken and hopefully by the end of today we should have the results of their own test,” said Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, while confirming the new case.

According to him, the ministry is working together with other agencies to trace and quarantine others, who might have been infected following the first confirmed case of infection.

Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American man who died July 25, days after
arriving in Nigeria from Liberia had been treated by the doctor, whose name cannot be immediately confirmed.

The emergence of a second case has raised serious concerns about the infection control practices in the country and how much more would the deadly virus spread, bearing in mind that it can take up to 21 days after exposure to the virus for symptoms to appear.

A total of 70 people are said to be under surveillance, with eight hoped to have been quarantined by the end of Monday (today), in an isolation ward in Lagos.


  1. How on earth was a sick man put on a Nigeria bound flight only to collapse and die on our shores? Now EVD has landed here effortlessly. Something is definitely wrong with our system. Innocent people are going to suffer and die for the carelessness of others. So help us God.

  2. The best thing the minisry of health should do is to restrict those that came in contact with the liiberian man from movement until they are tested and have them wait for 21 days before they are allowed to mingle.

  3. The best thing the minisry of health should do is to restrict those that came in contact with the liberian man from movement until the are tested and have them wait for 21 days before they are allowed to mingle.

  4. My own suggestion to EBV is;we have the solution to ebola right here wid us in nigeria,so all we need to do is to apply common sense to it. An hour to curb it is the use of bitter to cut my explanation short..let’s at first try giving those with ebola virus symptoms. the bitter kola..let’s try extracting juice from the kola fruit it works then we move further into whAt the other bodies of the bitter kolA fruit can do for ebola victims…

  5. All Nigerians must shun all forms of human violence and team up together as one family to fight this evil visitor out of our land. we must protect our territorial integrity with all sense of commitment to preserve this Nation from all forms of ills. This is not time for pointing accusing fingers, this is a time for action to help preserved our generations yet unborn from total collapse. Arise from your sleep brothers and sisters, there is a call come ringing, there is fire on the mountain. may the God of justice hear our cry and save us.

  6. all i have to say is that with God all things are possible and we should remember that prayer is the master key to all sussess,another one is that the sickness in question and other ones like it were were strangers and therefore has no certificate of ocupancy on the body of those who believe in the lord and realy we must over come it,”then we must collectively call unpon God to avert it for us.reason why we need to engage on fervent prayer is b/c whatever the Lord allowed is good and for a pupose therefore we should pray that fervent prayer of a rightious man that avalleth much so as to reverce the virus back to the evil doers,i totally reject it on the innocents and the children of God but i allow unpon the wicked b/c it is an egyptian sickness and for them only,as for u ebola virus with the power and authority of the lord whom i serve and stand for i charge u to kill the wickeds and torch not the people of God and the innocents in Jesus name amen/amen.

  7. Let all who are effected with d virus have one believe that there is know impossibility b4 God……….He’s the healer of all unknown n known disease……..he can still do it even in our generation.

  8. Nigeria government should collaborate with US government to procure Zmapp still under “compassionate use”as a matter of urgency to nip this enigma called EVD.Although the drug is yet to pass through clinical trials, there’s no harm giving it a shot since the victims will eventually die without any action.

  9. lets trust God. let the Nigerian govt collaborate with the U.S govt to procure this drug Zmapp for our people on humanitarian grounds. God meets us individually at the point of our faith. He believes in medicine. Luke in the bible was a medical doctor and wrote one of the gospels. Our health minister is not doing enough.Instilling fear into people! Not good enough. We have the best brain in this country.Where are the scientist, the researchers.We must find a cure. Lassa fever was once deadly and there is a research centre now for it at Teaching hospital in Irrua in Edo state and it can now be treated. I believe we can do it. Nigeria will be built by Nigerians.this is not the time to lay blame. lets confront the issue. Let us not forget to pray for our loved ones who are down with the virus and their families.May God give us the knowledge and wisdom to find an answer. God bless Nigeria

  10. It is good to enlighten people . let us also find a solution and Please let the hon. minister enlighten us on progress in that direction. May the Almighty God comfort, and heal the victims in our midst inclusive of their loved ones. It is well with Nigeria.