Ebola: Immigration Service Intensifies Screening Of Visitors At All Entry Points

ebola-virus-Lagos-NigerThe Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) says it is maintaining strict screening of visitors at airports, seaports and border areas to prevent the spread of Ebola Virus into the country.

Mr Emeka Obua, NIS Public Relations Officer, stated this in Abuja on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said that the Service was collaborating with the Port Health Services and Plant Quarantine Services to screen visitors entering the country.

“All immigrants, including plants and animals, entering the country are screened for any form of disease that can cause harm to the health of Nigerian citizens.

“We, in collaboration with sister agencies, have always maintained tight security at the ports checking to ensure that anything or anyone entering the country is certified to do so”, he said.

Obua said that Port Health Services officials were immediately alerted in cases where they encountered travelers with incomplete certificate of vaccination or obvious signs of ill-health.

He urged officers at the ports and border areas to take precautionary measures by wearing protective clothing to prevent contact with the virus.

He said that officers deployed to those areas always met with travelers; hence it was mandatory for them to wear face masks, hand gloves and other protective item.

Obua said the measure was to reduce the risk of contracting the virus as it was easily transmitted through physical contact and air.

“The Ministry of Health has alerted us not to have direct physical contact with any traveler, and to take precaution since we come in contact with people at the country’s entry and exit points.

“They have advised us to wear protective clothing like face masks and hand gloves”, he said. (NAN)


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