Ebola: ‘Nigerian nurse fled quarantine centre’

One of the nurses who had previously had contact with the Liberian Ebola patient Patrick Sawyer, fled her quarantine center in Lagos and returned to her home in Enugu, exposing about 20 people who she came in contact with to the deadly virus.
Information Minister Labaran Makuwho disclosed this said the nurse and the  20 others people who she came in contact with are all under surveillance in Enugu. Continue…
189 people are now being monitored in Nigeria. Three have died from the disease: Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American businessman who collapsed in Lagos, an attending nurse, and an ECOWAS staffer who worked with Sawyer.
Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. See how she has allowed the devil to use her like Mr. Sawyer was used! What will be done about her fellow passengers in the vehicle she boarded when she was fleeing? Nigerians should be really alert because the virus may become uncontrollable.

  2. OMG! How could she have run knowing fully well the implication of her flight from the quarantine center being a medical presonnel who knows how the virus is transmitted? Liberia Govt apologised to Nigeria Govt on behalf of Mr Saywer, who will apologise and to whom would d apology go to in this case? The woman is heartless and wicked.

  3. Nigerians ar finshed as a people,o God pls help us.what kind of wikedness is this.the government should quarantin her and all the people she came in contact with under heavy,armed security personel not only here in Enugu but all nigeria.the infected ppl ar becoming devlish and wiked.

  4. O God of heaven, I no dis situation is wat u can handle, I commit any fucking body dat is infected wit the virus whom try running away in other to infect other people should be consumed by leg nd hand stroke, so dat dey wil nt be able to walk talkless of running. Amen…I don’t no y people should be dis heartless nd I no dat stupid patrick wil nt ve rest of mind in his bosom knowing fully well of those he has made life complicated for…


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