Femi Otedola’s, DJ Cuppy Speaks On Her Parents’ 1st Reaction To Being A DJ

DJ Cuppy 1 stargist

It’s no news that Billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter is an amazing DJ and the most popular female DJ right now in Nigeria. In her recent interview, she opens up about her parents reception and reaction to her being a Disc Jockey……

Read Excerpts Below:

How supportive are your parents in your choice of career?

I will say that I am very lucky, I have the most supportive parents in the world. And I have the most supportive team in the world. My parents push me to be the best version of myself. I think it is all about being the best version of myself and not trying to be someone else. I am very lucky to have the kind of parents that are pushing and challenging me to be the best I can.
Being someone from a very rich background, people will always think that you have certain advantages over others?
A lot of times, people get distracted by the background information. I am where I am following my dreams and doing a very exciting project. Yes, maybe it is shadowed by my background but with time people will come to see that it is passion and talent that has worked for me.


When you told your mum about your DJ career, what was her first reaction?

My mother has actually been my everything. She has been very supportive of my career. She is such a strong woman, I only wish I can be half of what she is. All I know is that it is always good to do what you love. I also love to do business and that is why I am combining music and business together. From onset, I have always had this entrepreneurial spirit to run my own business one day, that, I will say I got from my dad.
Do you have plans of breaking into Nollywood?
 No, I am not breaking into Nollywood. I am involved in a children animation which will be coming out very soon. I am one of the casts and I am very honoured. There are several ways of expressing oneself other than acting.
 How much support do you get from your dad?
 He is not only my mentor. He is very involved in my adventures. When I have shows he will help me go through the list. He is very passionate about music. He loves music a lot, when I was 6 years old, I remembered listening to Fela’s music with him in the car.
Culled from Guardian


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