FG Stopped Emirates From Operating Kano Route, Kwankwaso Alleges

gov-kwankwaso-kano-state_0The Federal Government prevented Emirates Airline from flying the Kano route after the airline had sold tickets to prospective passengers, Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso has alleged.

Kwankwaso, who made the allegation during an interview with journalists in Kano, said the airline had already sold tickets and people were eager to fly until the federal government pulled the plugs in the last minute.

The airline was slated to begin Kano operations on August 1.

Kwankwaso said the federal government has directed the airline to instead fly to any other state except Kano.

“If you are talking of investment, we have so many airlines that on their own are interested in coming to Kano, but some people are busy in Abuja blocking them, to the extent that many of them have now surrendered”, he said.

“And even those who are allowed like Emirates, everybody was happy Emirates was coming to Kano and coincidentally it was to come on first of August but some people blocked (it).

“That was after getting all the papers after even selling all their tickets. There are people now who are holding tickets and they said they should not come to Kano”, he added.

In an expression of frustration, Governor Kwankwaso asked: “how do you bring investors? A good airline is blocked, ‘don’t come to Kano, go to anywhere’, tell me how can I bring any investor?”

Kwankwaso disclosed that he personally wooed Emirates Airline to come to Kano but there are many people who are supposed to protect the interests of the state “but they are working against our interest”.

He, however, expressed hope with the coming of a new Minister of Aviation saying “now we have Osita (Chidoka) and from the little I know about him I think he is a good man”.


  1. Wen as a. Sitting governor become commission for informatn,dis kwankwanso is neva business wit his mandate,bt busy making noise abt fed.govt,u can nt fight ur superior,we need pple wit good sane nt insane ppl like kwakwanso to rule sane pple

  2. Adeyemi or whatever u call ur brainless skull, U should cement dat slit opening in ur head u call mouth because it appears u don’t know how to use the damn hole. Kwankwaso has the political mandateas the governor of his state to comment on matters relating to the state or even dat of the federation especially when it involves the ineptitude of ur president. U better STFU if u dnt have anything meaningful to say.


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