Finally The Wonder Phone Phantom Z Unveiled

Imagine you are standing by the mystical wishing well and asked to visualize your dream high-end smart phone, how wild can your imagination go?

Can your imagination capture a smart phone with an ultra-thin dimension only 7.8mm thick? Can it accommodate extreme detail in imaging that only a dual flash, dual 16MP Auto-focus back and 8.0MP Auto-focus front cameras will capture?


Open your creative mind to the wonders of crisp, clear display from a 5.2” Full-HD AMOLED screen covered in anti-scratch corning gorilla glass. With this device my friend, every pixel counts; we’re talking about 1920×1080 resolutions-every selfie taken is perfect! This smart phone is exquisite in design, brilliant in finishing with luxurious leather back folding, DolbyTM sound engineering and monster battery life from 3030mAh battery.

Now my dear your wish has come true; behold the Phantom Z, the world’s first true Octa-core smart phone. This TECNO mobile newest revelation runs on Android’s Kit-KatTM, the wonder device will give you 32GB ROM storage for work and play powered by 2.0GB RAM at super speed of up to 2.0GHz. Your mobile gaming and movie experience can never be the same again because the Phantom Z gives you up to 40% more battery life than other smart phones.

If you think you phone is smart well think again, the Phantom Z has exciting short-cuts to favorite functions for instance, just tap the screen to wake your Phantom Z, swap a ‘W’ on the screen and you are in Whatsapp, wave over the phone sensor when a call is incoming and Phantom Z automatically picks up! Swap an ‘M’ and enjoy DolbyTMsound engineering for music, how about making a trending selfie? Just swap ‘C’ and your blue glass; wide angle camera is ready to go.

The Phantom Z is arguably the high-end smart phone of the year as mobile phone analytics are impressed with its specs. Live your dream, the Phantom Z is here…oh how could I forget, I didn’t mention you will get free smart view cover and a 5200mAh power bank for every purchase; a cordial gesture from TECNO mobile we all are getting quite  familiar with.


  1. Lol this post sound like an advert, how can u say dis fone is the first octer core smartphone, innjoo is…. Am usin injoo and its octer core, dnt waste ur money guys, go an buy innjoo i2 best fone comin up now