Find Out Which Famous Actor Flees The Movie Set Over Ebola


With the whole Ebola virus scare, more and more entertainers and artistes are being prevented from doing their jobs, sometimes it’s even the entertainer that’s avoiding the situation.

It might sound like a joke to some people but award winning Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, doesn’t see anything about the virus as a joke.

The actor who has a Liberian lineage, has made it open that he is scared of going back to Liberia to shoot the second part of his movie, ‘Bendu Sudan’ because of the deadly Ebola virus ravaging the country.

It would be recalled that the actor openly announced that he would be shooting the second part of the film in Liberia after shooting the first part in Ghana.

“Ebola is a deadly disease, you can’t joke with it. I have been to Liberia several times to do casting and production meetings, and all was scheduled to go for shoot this month, but because of the Ebola threat, I don’t want to take chances shooting in Liberia.”

I pray that the good Lord saves us all. I will be going back to shoot the part 2 once the Ebola issues are solved” he said.



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