Foluke Daramola: ”Why I Stopped Exposing My ‘Assets’ And Stopped Dressing Indecently”

Foluke and husband stargist

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako is one actress who is blessed with curves and in her early days as an actress, never failed to flaunt her assets.

But Foluke says she has changed and she has grown to be more matured, which is why she is no more exposing her heavy ‘assets’.

About her new dress sense, she says:

“My style depends on my mood, I am a jeans person, I am a casual person and I have always been a tomboy since when I was younger. I think right now, it goes with my age, I am more of a matured dresser now.

“Earlier in my school days, I was that person who exposes everything, but now, I think I am more matured and more of the fact that I am a mother. When I was much younger, people say ‘Foluke Daramola exposes her bo*bs’, but now, I think I am more grown, my daughter is becoming a teenager and we don’t want her to start having the wrong idea about who her mother is. We want her to grow like a responsible lady, so I have to set the pace to give her the right direction,” she explained.

The actress also revealed that people would be seeing less of the body exposure. “You are going to be seeing less of the exposure, I want to do a lot of mentoring to the younger generation, and so, because I want to do that, I don’t want the younger generation to have the wrong ideas about being a celebrity,”

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