Forget Ice Bucket Challenge, now you can press Br*asts for Charity

imagesssWomen are offering men to touch them for a good cause.

After the Ice Bucket Challenge success, in which the ALS organization has managed to raise over $73 million, women began a new craze for charity.

The new craze involves men touching women’s body parts and donate money for an AIDS foundation. The group of Japanese stars teamed up with The Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention, to hold a fundraising event called “Stop! Aids.” People began referring to the event as “B**b-Aid.”

“I never thought that my body could contribute to society,” said Rina Serina, who is participating in the event.

If you are in Japan, you can join the 24-hour “B**b- Aid” event on Saturday. Just remember to take along money to help the fight against AIDS.


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