Genevieve Confesses Why She Never Signed With Globacom


Arguably the most loved diva in Nollywood or it’s safe to say ex-Nollywood star.

Genevieve has managed to stand-out among her fellow super actresses and I think she deserves every accolade she has gotten.

It definitely comes as a surprise that the delectable actress wasn’t endorsed by Telecommunications giant, Globacom and was instead signed by Etisalat.

They were rumors as to why the deal didn’t go through because she allegedly referred them to her manager and it was even reported then even when Mike Adenuga personally called her, she said the same.

She however debunked the rumor and cleared the air in an interview with PM News.

The actress said;

“First of all, that is not true as I never spoke to Dr. Mike Adenuga. In fact, it will be a honour to speak with him. However, let us face the subject of speaking with my manager. I think it is professional that managers should be contacted when issues about business are about to be discussed. I am not saying that was the issue with that particular brand. But let’s assume it was; is there any problem speaking with someone’s management? Please tell me.Truly I was approached. We had negotiations but things didn’t work out and everyone moved on. It is simple.”


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