Govt Has Hired Professional Snipers To Kill Me – Sheik El-Zakzaky Cries Out

Ibrahim el-ZakzakyLeader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, has raised the alarm over plans by the country’s security agencies to assassinate him. To this end, he alleged that a professional marksman has been brought in to carry out the act.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky, who spoke at the end of a weekly Tafsir held at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, Kaduna State, Wednesday, said he had uncovered a plot to unleash further violence on the forthcoming fortieth day prayer session for members of the movement recently killed in a confrontation with soldiers in Zaria, scheduled for next Wednesday.

According to the Islamic cleric, the government still wanted to shed more innocent blood.

“The fact is that they have killed three of my sons; specifically, they still want more; it is my life they are after now at all costs.

“These days, we pass by pre-planned security ambushes whenever we went to or come back from Hussainiyyah. On Monday, they ignited a false flag chaos at one filling station with the full intention to shoot. We don’t know why they stationed soldiers there. They are still there since after the incident occurred.

“The government has its own “Shia” among the security, whom they use to ignite and instigate chaos. They were told to be on red alert, as they were going to be attacked”, he said.

According to the Sheik, “A group of snipers in suits, headed by one professional sniper called Nyam, was on standby. Nyam and his team were seen passing along Hussainiyyah to where they were lodged. They were specially brought here to kill”.

He further alleged that the sole aim of the authorities was to cause chaos and anarchy in the country, not minding the consequences.

“We have information that they planned to detonate bombs during the fortieth day prayer congregation. They have also produced many red and black flags with Ya Husain inscription. The flags are there in the barracks right now. It is possible they will unleash an offensive, then place a flag there and attribute it to Shi’a. They may also use the flags to infiltrate the fortieth day prayer session, and be part of it.

“We also learnt that they are going to receive a delivery of dangerous weapons that would be used for the first time on us”, Sheik Zakzaky told his congregation.

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