GRAPHIC IMAGE: Woman Asks Young House Help To Sit On Burning Electric Cooker


This little girl was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Saturday after her madam asked her to sit on a burning electric cooker because she allegedly urinated in bed. So barbaric!

What do you think?


  1. I shed tears wen I saw d picture of dis poor gir. Dis woman who didi dis to her is worse than d devil himself. She shd be given d same treatment so dat she wd feel d pains d poor girl is going tru. Human rigths agencies shd pls take dis up.

  2. This is how so many children are been abused everyday around the world. Pls women befor u do wickedness to a child think about ur own child and ask urself what if anytin happend to u an ur husband would someone be treatin ur child this way? Pls let’s stop child abuse and help these children in any way we can they are defenceless.

  3. What a wicked woman, if I was de parent of dat innocent child I would have ask de woman to sit on de bourin gas cooker to revenge my injurd daughter, she even deserve more dan dis.

  4. So would this woman do the same to her chid if he or she wet the bed? My son used to wet the bed at night occasionally till about age 9.i simply got him pull ups to prevent the urine getting into the mattress .she could have just let her sleep on a mat and cover the mat with plastic bag and some sheets . This woman is really wicked and I thing she should get the same punishment, no two ways about it

  5. Any mother that treats anoda person’s child dis way is a wicked and heartless person she dose nt deserve a child of her own let her be treated dis way too.sori lil poor girl.

  6. she needs total deliverance before its too late. she has so many demons. I feel sori for the poor maid!! God please intervene

  7. If u check d history of this wicked woman, it might shock u to discover that she too wet the bed when she was at that age or worse still, maybe even longer. Please someone should get pure honey and apply there, the GV coloration would not do her any good but the honey would heal it in a matter of days. Please, it must be PURE or it would worsen her condition.

  8. Does this so called Jezebel have a child? If yes, does her own child urinate on the bed or he or she is a super child that does not urinate on the bed. In my opinion, a tooth for tooth and eye for eye. She is extremely wicked and I add if she does not have a child yet, she will never get and if she has and by chance that child of hers urinates on the bed, the child’s buttocks will burn like she did to this child.


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