I Wasn’t Sacked Because Of Incompetence – Gulak

Former Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Political matters, Ahmed Gulak yesterday expalined why President Goodluck Jonathan sacked him from office.

Gulak, who spoke with Journalists in Abuja yesterday said his sack was not because of incompetence as he played his role the way he knew it, defended the President and took on anybody who said President Jonathan should not contest.

According to him, Jonathan will contest the 2015 general elections, boasting that there was no alternative to President Jonathan in 2015.

“I don’t believe my leaving office will reduce my popularity and I was not removed from office for any offence. I played my part the way I know it, I have defended the President and I took on anybody who said President Jonathan should not contest.

“For unity and continuity there is no alternative to President Jonathan. Nigerians should rally round him in 2015.

“Jonathan has the Constitutional right to contest, if you don’t want to vote for him is a different thing than to say he should not contest,” he said.

Gulak was alleged to have been sacked earlier in the year for meddling in Akwa Ibom state party politics, an allegation he dismissed, saying he left to be able to focus on his governorship ambition.

“Indigenes of Adamawa State are fed up with the misgovernment of Admiral Murtala Nyako, whose accomplishments in office has been very negligible and controversial,” said Gulak at the time.

Meanwhile, Gulak has slammed the opposition, All Progressives Congress (APC), saying its profile was declining, adding that he was contesting to bring about peace as well as unite the people of the state who have been polarised by former governor Murtala Nyako.

“Nyako was imposed on PDP and he never aspired to be governor in 2007. As far as I am concern APC profile is declining gradually and is dying. I have not seen a candidate or aspirant that can beat me in free and fair contest.

“Nyako is the highest mistake in democracy. He is a disaster, a disappointment to his family and the state. Nyako and his family are on the run and the people of Adamawa are after them.”

On why he want to contest the governorship election in Adamawa, Gulak said, “my motivation is that majority of the people believe in me. There is underdevelopment in the state, Adamawa has been brought to its kneel by the past governor. The people need emacipator to bring the state back to its enviable position.”


  1. Gulak’s track record as a seasoned, constant and reliable politician eminenly qualifies him to contest for any elective office in Nigeria.


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