Indians Want To Have Coconut Smashed Over Their Skulls

Thousands of Indians gather at a temple each year to have coconuts smashed on their heads in a traditional ritual of attracting health, success and prosperity from gods.



Crowds of men, women and even children throng the Mahalakshmi temple in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, to take part in the unusual and painful event.


People crowd around devotees as a priest smashes big coconuts on their skulls, some of the devotees are praying and meditaiting, while others can not hide the pain and seek help from doctors.


One devotee said: “My family have been coming here for years. Today four of us have come for the ritual. The coconuts broke well – we hope it brings success.”

Despite the possibility of being inadvertently killed or sustain serious injuries, people keep coming and refuse to stop the ancient tradition that is believed to be spawned in the 19th century.


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