Insurgency: We’re Not Ready To Abandon Our Investments In The North – Ndi Igbo

igboThe new President of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo in Kaduna State, Chief Austin Amaechi, has said that Igbo people resident in the northern part of the country would not abandon their investments worth over N40 billion in the region for fear of attacks by insurgents, particularly the Boko Haram sect.

He said Igbo leaders who were pleading with their kinsmen in the North to come back home, should be rest assured that the Boko Haram insurgency will soon come to an end.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the new state executive members of the pan-Igbo socio-cultural group, Amaechi, a legal practitioner, said the investments of Igbos in the North is worth over N40 billion.

“So, how can you leave that and go back to the east?” he asked.

“Economically, we are at home in the north and politically, we want to participate. We will therefore ensure that we pursue peace with our host communities and among the Igbo communities because once there is peace our investments and other peoples’ investments will be secured.

“If there is no peace, it is not only the investments of Igbos that are threatened but the investments of all Nigerians. So, we would jointly ensure that Nigerians’ investments are protected by Nigerians”, he stated.

Mr. Amaechi also recalled that during the Nigerian civil war, the property of the Igbos were secured by northerners and were later handed over to them after the war, including the money collected from rents, adding that, that helped them to re-establish themselves after the war.

“Unlike other parts of Nigeria where the investments of Igbos were declared abandoned properties, that never happened in the North”, he added.


  • The investment is more than four trillion naira. N40billion is not up to those in Abuja alone. To keep Nigeria one is task that must be done

  • we has an estimated properties/businesses in the northern region worth of.64.88 trillion and not over 40 billon,but that will never be an excuses or reasons to remain in the north if they the northerner insist that we live their region for them we all know that bokoharam is against xtians and that is direct ban of igbos with other xtian comunities in the north b/c anything against the churches is also against the igbos.but i would advise our people in that region to relocate their properties to any parts of souths of their choice because their properties will not stop this animal kingdom we called nigeria country from disintegrating never shall we continue like these.boko haram can not stop since they re in army,police,civil defence,govts,even among the ordinary nigerians so we should not be decieve by the Govt.of thiefs/fake we ve in place,my prayer is for God use the bokoharam to divide this country wether they like it or not and glory w’ll be giving to his name and to his name a the only answr

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