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Jonathan and AmaechiRivers State Governor and Chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum, Rotimi Amaechi, at the weekend said the war against Boko Haram insurgents will not stop unless the Federal Government is ready to tackle its underlining factors.

The governor alleged that some Federal Government institutions have diverted funds meant for human and infrastructural development.

“Until the federal government is ready to first tackle the underlining factors such as corruption, education, injustice, unemployment and poverty, the issue of insurgency would continue to be a mirage”, he said.

He also accused the Presidency of inciting Muslims and Christians against one another to win the 2015 general elections by all means.

Amaechi spoke while featuring on a Kaduna-based liberty radio weekly programme, ‘Guest of the Week’.

According to the NGF Chairman, if the Federal Government supports the military through intelligence gathering, which helped in combating militancy in Rivers State and other Niger Delta states, it would be the end to the menace.

Amaechi said there is need for the Federal Government to work with everybody, especially the locals, to know who and where the insurgents live even as he stressed that it was the failure of the government that caused militancy in the first place.

Using the Niger Delta militancy as a case study, he said: “It took me just two months to deal with militancy in Port Harcourt (Rivers State capital). If a state could achieve that within that space of time, how much more the Federal Government that has everything it needs at its disposal. At least, if we did not stop militancy, it has reduced.

“The earlier the Federal Government stopped inciting Muslims against Christians to win elections, the better for Nigeria.

“Killing militants was not the solution to the militancy. So, we began with infrastructure and gave them economic livelihood. That’s because when they know that when they go out, they would earn some money, they would not have time to perpetrate evil of this magnitude”.

Responding to a question on the alleged rift between him and President Goodluck Jonathan, Amaechi said: “We are not quarrelling; we just have a disagreement on how to govern the country. I have a huge respect for him. But only he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. So, he should be the only person to tell us how to bring the abducted Chibok schoolgirls back”.

On whether or not he had the intention to run for the Presidency in 2015 on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the Ikwere-born politician said he could only do so if he had the support of at least 25 million Nigerians.

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  1. Ameachi is blinded by his interest I expect him to understand but up to now Ameachi did not know the difference between Niger delta militant and Boko haram. Their ideology and course is totally opposite

  2. Amaechi is the kind thief that calls another thief a 419ner and his words here shows the entire world that this man has noting upstairs even his party members knew that giving him their presidential or vic means capital failour due to his mental disability”by the way who told him that a normall human being who respects his brother as he claimed can bounce on his brother on soscial network the way he thus to jonathan or have he seen an muslim man abusing/insulting their brother in the seat of president upon that they never perform well during their time? he amaechi should not forget the saying that one with GOD is majority and wether u and ur islamic brotherhood party apc likes it or not,for ur information jonather must remain on that seat till 2o19 and anybody that don’t like it should go ahead to commits suicide no shaking just that their souls shall be trouble in the hand of satan their father,useless man.

  3. All of u who kip using ur tiny imp fingers to type rubbish abt islam I pity u, wats wit islam n dis matter@ ko emeka ne abi prhp…..u sound so dumb n out of dis world wit dis dogon turanchi!…..jahilli kawai!

  4. Dan jigawa,u can say whatever u want to say but am promising u and ur people that internal suffering and ever lasting cry awaits u all that call ur selves muslims or religion of killers for burnting churches and killing xtians in this country and other countries, just relaxe we will divide this nation and u and ur people must confess that jesus christ is the lord or u perish useless people.

  5. Dan jigawa,u can say whatever u want to say for now but am promising u and ur people that internal suffering and ever lasting cry awaits u all that call ur selves muslims or religion of killers for burnting churches and killing xtians in this country and other countries, just relaxe we will divide this nation and u and ur people must confess that jesus christ is the lord or u perish useless people.

  6. Ðe proph or wht ever u call ur name u dnt even know the meanin of christian,if christian means a person who follow Jesus christ (PBUH) den I’m happy 2 say that we muslims are more christian dan d so called christian themselves coz we muslim belive in Jesus and also we follow him in the right way add me on facebook wit d name 4 further discussion

  7. It is a lenght of time to ascertain that in this contemporary world. we still have some citizen who are still myopic in reasoning and as well as parochial. @Emeka, is it that you dont use your chemistry and you are as well short sighted. Are you still dancing in the gallary of array and maladministration? I say woo to you. The Chairman gov. Forum has spoken the truth go and hang yourself if it pleases you. The late Abacha said, any terrorist attack that lasted for 24hours, the hands of the supreme Govt. Is involved. A word is enough for the wise.

  8. This is part of what has retard development in nigeria. For Amechi to claim that he was the one who stopped militancy in his state shows that the man is a pathological lier. He has forgotten that Yar’adua has to declare amnesty to bring the criminality in that zone under control. How he even opene his mouth to say that Jonathan was causing problem between the muslim and the christians? Was the issue of the insurgency in the north that of a religious war? Amechi should know that the issue of Boko Haram pre-dates Jonathan’s administration. I think Amechi is just a despirate man. He needs to get his head examined properly

  9. Amaechi is a big lier,who is him to stop militancy if not the Blessed Mamory of Our Late President Umaru Musa Yaradua,Amaech is a drug addict that is why he is misbehaving,how do u expect to grow whilst u don’t have respect for ur Leaders,u just 4got ur histry so soon how u came & how Peter Odili & his wife brought u up,now even that Peter,Wike & many other Leaders u don’t have any regard in them becos u are a Governor,they are now praying for ur down-fall & u will soon fall-yakata.

  10. I just lost any respect l have for you by comparing the case of the Delta Militants and Boko Haram….wwhaoo are you talking politics or that is the level of your IQ. And we are looking for young leaders and he’s asking The President to remove a speck in his eyes, Gov Ameachi with a log. I prayed that you become the running mate of one of the apc presidential candidate, the same fate that befell Pastor Tunde Bakare will be your portion.


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