JAMB Bars Candidates Without ICT Knowledge From UTME

Candidates who are not computer literate will not be allowed to write any examination coordinated by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), starting from 2015, Registrar, Professor Dibu Ojerinde has revealed.

The JAMB Registrar, who spoke at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Professor Odusola Ojerinde – his late wife – memorial golf tournament in Otukpo, Benue State, said part of efforts to improve education in Nigeria in line with global best practices was the introduction of Computer-based Test (CBT) for all the board’s examinations.

He announced that beginning from 2015, any student or candidate who was not computer (ICT) literate would have no business with JAMB-conducted examinations even as he declared, “we are not going to compromise on that”.

Also speaking at the event, Senate President, David Mark stressed that proper education among the youths was the panacea to curb youth restiveness and other social vices in a country.

Mark also expressed commitment to the development of education, adding, “because I believe that a well educated citizenry would be an asset to the nation.

“Besides being the foundation for any development, education liberates the people and curbs all forms anti social behaviors.

“Whatever, I can do to support education; I will not hesitate to do it. I want to bequeath education of our people especially in my constituency as a legacy. For me, it is the most important investment.”


  1. The JAMB Registrar ,
    Prof. Dibu Ojerinde
    Dear Professor,
    I was surprised when I called a café operator in my area to show him my sisters o level result and advice me in which course and university she should apply for because he and most café around gives us the best educational advice, I was shocked when he said he could not give me any advice that it is only professor Dibu and CBT centres has the latest information that I should consult them that they have form a cabal for counseling and registration for the 2015/16 utme online registration, since Professor Dibu has restricted the online registration to only about 300 computer based centre nationwide and disallowing cybercafes from registering students for this 2015/2016 examination after exploiting them of non refundable N10,000 (ten thousand naira) per anum for the past 3 years which some of them claimed that professor Dibu have collected to build his own computer based centre in Lagos.
    I will like to use this opportunity to express my sincere view about this new development. Some of the excuses giving by the JAMB registrar according to a source is that (1) cybercafés collude with student to do double registration in which the registrar himself knows it is not possible just of the way the site was programmed in which you must cancel one registration before you proceed with a new registration.(2) that cybercafés encourages impersonation which is also not possible because of the biometrics that is involved and your biometrics will be verified at the exam centre before you are allowed to enter the examination hall.(3) that the cafes assist student to cheat this is not also true because, before, you claimed that tutorial assist student to cheat, now you push the registration to cybercafés ,you came out again to say tutorial now colludes with café you now said CBT is the only way out, which you have forcefully implemented against the which of Nigerians which otherwise should have been optional , now that the CBT is in place, let me ask you how the students will cheat again with computer or are your theories not genuine.
    This is not a welcome development for a growing economy like Nigeria ,where unemployment is almost about 80% , you as professor , suppose to assist the present government in creating more employment but you are doing otherwise by trying to make some of this café stay out of business not in a situation that people are clamoring for the re-election of president Goodluck Jonathan, some café operator that I spoke with are insinuating that the president might be part of this and I told them is not possible is just that the professor and the house committee on education are insensitive to the plight of the country in terms of unemployment ,he professor Dibu ojerinde is just using his office to blackmail the good man of the President , which am so sure that the president Goodluck Jonathan will never support any gesture that will paint his administration black especially by a person of which ever name and position.
    Apart from these, the idea of the computer based test (CBT) might be good idea but you don’t have rush student into the system it has to be a gradual system, students in the extreme interior villages of the country that does not have access to computer based centers might not be able register for this exam not to talk of writing the exam since there is no computer to practice with, you as a professor, come to think of it ,students have to travel long distances just register for an exam because when I check through the so called accredited CBT centres in Lagos they are just 13 (thirteen) centres in all to cater for the teaming prospective students in Lagos and just only JAMB office to register for all prospective students in Kogi State, causing severe hardship for students and parents that have to travel a very long distance to register which might not even be their turn to register that day when they get to this centres so they have to come the following day, the professors I know, are problem solvers not problem creators like you have turn out to be,the JAMB registrar also went underground asking the so called CBT centres to pay N500,000(five hundred thousand naira) before they can be given password for registering students, please if I may ask what is wrong with a student going down the street register for an exam and go back home.
    Yours faithfully
    Concerned P.T.A executives

  2. Dibu hw long have you been in the éducational system? you talking about helping to improve in our educational system, when was the last time you visited à public skool and see the subject they are being taught? or how many people have money to register their children in a computer school after secondary school? how many can afford à computer for their children?. Please we all are human being lets kick corruption aside and put the Citizen of this great nation first before acting. I went to schools were they dont have maths teacher because he has a eye problem, no account teacher and right now am finding it difficult in the higher institution were i study business administration & management. please if you want to help Nigeria éducation grow then apply the necessary and affordable process not taking us to à computer age when we are still struggling in sending our children to à better school.