Jobless Nigerian Graduates Cry Out In Frustration

Hope Aiyo, a self-described “jobless Nigerian graduate,” penned an article entitled The Cry of a Frustrated Graduate. The article focuses on the problems of Nigerian youths and the reluctance of Nigerian government agencies to address the multiple issues.


I would like to reach out to the concerned government agencies to inform them of the problems that Nigerian graduates have to face every day. I want to believe that this write-up will reach the concerned people in power. And maybe, after reading this, they will take actions.

It pains me to see how most of the multinational organizations hide under the umbrella of outsourcing agencies. Thus, they are able to extort the strength of the helpless and hungry Nigerian graduates. They do this while smiling to the bank with billions. The majority of these organizations, however, claim they are youth-friendly. Despite these claims, young Nigerian graduates are dying of joblessness.

Therefore, I think the Nigerian Labour law needs to be reviewed. Relevant agencies must understand that Nigerian graduates have the right to work in their own country.

I am urging Chief Emeka Ngozi Wogu, Nigerian Federal Minister of Labour and Productivity, to address these issues, together with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

The normal system of education in Nigeria is 6-3-3-4. Couple this with the usual hardships associated with the university environment. Having all this in mind, I have trouble imagining a Nigerian graduate who, after all of this, settles for an outsourced sales job for N25,000 in a company that declares more than N20 billion in dividends at the end of the year.

Nigeria is blessed with decent energetic youths ready to give their last strength for the progress of this country.

I am calling on the Nigerian youths, the Nigerian graduates. All hands must be on deck to have a country we can call our own.

President Goodluck Jonathan, Sir, please listen to our cry. Honourable Minister of Labour, Mr. Wogu, we are begging!


Why do you think Nigerian graduates face so many problems with empoyment? Is there a solution to the issue?


  1. This as been said several times, but they will never listen. All they will advice is to go and create a job for your self where they know you have no required capital. they own the OUTSOURCING FIRMS and they are not ready to scrap it from the system.

    Brother, i think what we need is divine intervention from God.


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