Jonathan Lacks The Wisdom To Lead Nigeria, Says ACF Leader

president-jonathanA prominent member of the apex northern socio-political group, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Alhaji Mohammed Abdulrahman, has scored President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration low, saying he has allowed corruption to thrive in the country.

Abdulrahman, who stated this in an interview yesterday, noted that Jonathan was given an opportunity by all Nigerians to excel but claimed the president had failed to live up to the peoples’ expectations.

The ACF leader noted, “If you look at President Goodluck Jonathan himself – the first president in Nigeria who was accorded enormous goodwill, who was given much expectation to succeed – he didn’t meet 50 per cent of the people’s expectation in terms of development”.

He added, “He has only succeeded in embedding corruption in the Nigerian people.

“For all I care, Ebola and corruption are the same. Ebola is now doing what corruption has already done to Nigeria; corruption has killed many people. And, we don’t respect each other again —same thing with life”.

Wondering why everything seems to be going on the downward spiral under the president’s watch, the ACF chieftain added that Jonathan had the opportunity to choose the right set of people to assist him in moving the nation forward but chose not to.

He added, “Jonathan had the right opportunity to choose the best people – people who were willing to make him the best president Nigeria ever had; but all that was scuttled.

“Certainly, Jonathan doesn’t have the amount of wisdom needed to navigate the country through good governance for the benefit of the people of Nigeria”.

Abdulrahman further accused the president of focusing more on other things than the progress of the country.

“He’s not thinking of Nigeria as a country that needs to survive. He’s not looking at the history and achievements of our founding fathers that steered the country to remain as one united nation.

“His government is only focused on how to get oil money and how to spend it. He’s not looking at other resources the country possesses”, he stated.


  1. Dis is pure advertisement,d man is simply advertising himself to GEJ,may be he shld be given d opportunity to serve monkey in his village,nonsense man,wot wisdom has he?

  2. The man is saying the truth, nothing but the truth. Jonathan has failed the nation completely and even his own ethnicity has condemned his style of leadership. This is a man that told his country’s men and women that he does not give a damn about them and whatever happens to the country when asked to make himself accountable to the people that put him in office. He is very corrupt and does everything possible to protect other corrupt politicians like him. He recently fired the Group managing director of NNPC, but left behind the chief corrupt minister of petroleum. Who says the president is not tribalistic and very corrupt as a result. Bunch of thieves parading themselves as presidents.

  3. Well said jonathan is d worst president nig hav ever gotten a man who only accept to work with people who have bad record who did not see anythng wrong with corruption jonathan is a dissapiontment to me if ur not a theif u cannot work wit jonathan he did not knw anythng abt nig politcs

  4. No wonder we are not progressing in this country even the youth who supose to see far and know their problems and truths who supose to fights for truth to prevail in their country as vibrant brains and future leaders are busy suporting people whose agenda is hatred and how to spoile the polity with bombings and killing innocent people all because they lose the presidensial seat whe in return blaming jonathan for problems they create and masterminds,”and by the way who says he do not know that the northern oligache are the problems and the chief corruptors we have in this country?Though i have told them that since they the north hate saying truth it means they represents devil and his demons which is the devils children and the south are overstayed with them in this animal kingdom we called one nigeria b/c the muslims has swon that if the name a of president in this country is not muhamed or shekau abubakar that other names like jonathan or emeka is bad and corrupt, what a useless old fools.!!!


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