Major Facts About Gospel Singer Yinka Ayefele You Didn’t Know About

Sensational singer and entertainer, Yinka Ayefele needs no introduction to many Nigerians especially to those in the western part of the country.   Ayefele is considered to be one of the best Juju singers in the West, even though he became handicapped due to a fatal motor accident.

He hails from

Ekiti state, south western part of Nigeria.  He is the first born of his parents, born in 1968.  Ayefele completed his Primary and Secondary education at Ipoti-Ekiti in Ondo state.

He went further to Ondo state College of arts from where he got a diploma.

Ayefele worked as a broadcast journalist before venturing into music. He began his career as a freelance journalist with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria {FRCN}, Ibadan, Nigeria and later joined Radio Nigeria in 1990 or thereabout.

His music career did not begin until he suffered the fatal accident that nearly claimed his life in 1997. Although Ayefele has been confined to a wheel chair after a spinal cord injury, it didn’t stop him from developing his music talents and went ahead to become a household name.

Yinka Ayefele’s songs are dynamic in nature.  His songs are a blend of Gospel, Juju, Fuji and sometimes Makosa. His his first album was titled Bitter experience.

The album, Bitter experience, was said to have motivated his second album – Sweet experience.

He turned his ordeals to success within few years and soared higher as the years went by. He remains the most sought-after entertainer at parties. And he charges as much as N5-6m per event depending on the location.

He charges 2.5 million naira for events in Lagos and the environs and five to six million naira for events in Abuja, depending the time of the year. Ayefele is booked all round the year and has more than eight events per mouth. He charges about $10,000 for events abroad.


The sensational singer has a huge office complex, Yinka Ayefele’s Music House, which houses his office, studio, and other businesses. The Music House cost him roughly N150m to complete. He has another magnificent Penthouse building which caught fire only this August, but was put out before any damage could be done. The Penthouse is his second house in Ibadan apart from his Music House. The Penthouse is worth over 150 million naira.

Ayefele has a magnificent 32-room hotel in Ibadan called “the Downtown hotel.” He also has a world class house in his home town. He has succeeded in building a befitting apartment for his dad and another one for his mum which cost millions of naira.


Ayefele has a foundation for spinal cord injuries. He has helped a lot of people get access to treatment and provided wheel chairs as well. He also has a scholarship scheme as he is sending a lot of impoverished children to school. In his own village, he has built and set up a computer school in his Alma Mater. His workers and band members are not left out on his charitable lifestyle as he has succeeded in empowering them to the extent that more than 50% of his workers have built their own houses. He shares the money ‘sprayed’ on him during his shows with his band members at the ratio of 2-8, taking the lesser part.

Cars, clothes and perfumes

Yinka Ayefele is a car frk.  Hs he has a lot of cars in his , arage mostly SUVs. He has a black Ford Explorer, 2014, worth 14 million naira. He also has a Land Cruiser worth 12 million naira and other cars too numerous to mention.  Ayefele spends a lot of money on clothes and expensive perfumes.


Culled from Vanguard