MTO Claims They Know Why Gang Members Tried To Kill Chris Brown

There was a shooting at 1Oak nightclub last night in LA during a pre-VMAs party hosted by Chris Brown. Eyewitnesses claimed Chris was the target of the shooting and now MTO claims they know who tried to murder the singer and why. Find their report below…

Well here’s what happened . . . allegedly. We ain’t trying to snitch on nobody and get no one locked up either. Police need to do they’re job though. spies were in the building last night at the 1Oak party and it was a movie. Tons of celebs, and beautiful people too. But it all went south when a group of men tried to murder Chris Brown!!

You see, ever since Chris Brown got out of rehab – he’s changed his lifestyle and his circle of friends. Our snitch explains, “Chris used to run with a bunch of gang bangers who were really scary. When he got out [of rehab], he cut them all off. I guess they’re upset about that.” Continue…

The inside snitch tells us that Chris was being THREATENED by his ex-homies . . . and they have been trying to EXTORT MONEY out of him for weeks. Well last night when Chris was at the VMAs it all came to a head. explained, “It was [Chris Brown’s former homies] shooting. And they were trying to hit Chris.”

Luckily we’re told that the men were NOT GOOD SHOTS, and they shot people next to Chris in the VIP instead. Suge Knight was one of the people that were injured.


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