Nigeria’s Security Situation Appalling, Says Atiku

Atiku-AbubakarFormer Vice President Atiku Abubakar has raised the alarm over the security situation in the country, describing it as appalling.

He also said the present administration lacks the political will to stop the menace being caused by members of the Boko Haram terrorist sect.

The former Vice President, who spoke in an interview with Voice of America (VOA) in Abuja and monitored by our correspondent on Friday, added that the security problem in the country was already having negative effect on the country’s image internationally.

Atiku said since he was born, has had never witnessed the type of security problems facing the country now, adding that even during the civil war, the situation was not as bad.

The Turakin Adamawa, who was a founding member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party but earlier this year defected to the All Progressives Congress, nonetheless suggested ways to end the security problem.

He said, “The security situation in the country, I must admit is appalling. I have never seen it this bad – not even during the civil war did we have this sense of insecurity all over the country?

“What we need to have in place is a political leadership that has the will, the courage and the determination to restore law and order. Restoring law and order is a multifaceted approach; both social, economic as well as security

“You must have a political leadership that has vision, the will and the courage to pursue those multifaceted approach”.

Atiku said it would be wrong to attribute his criticism of the government’s handling of the security situation to his membership of the opposition party.

He also called for an end to the blame game if the country is to surmount its present challenges.

According to him, “It’s not supported by any empirical evidence. I think we should stop passing the buck at each other.

“As long as this security situation is concerned we should work as a team, the whole country. Whether opposition whether ruling party, we should work as a team to make sure that we restore peace, unity and stability”.

Asked about the possibility of the APC dislodging the ruling party in the 2015 general election, he said it was possible.

He said, “I have never seen a climate that gives the opposition so much hope than today. Because since the return of democracy, Nigeria has been governed by only one ruling political party, and Nigerians really want to see a change.

“I toured the country and this sense of change is pervasive. So if the APC can put its house in order, Nigerians will give that party the opportunity”.

On the rift within his party, the former VP said as chairman of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee of the APC, he has been touring the country to appease aggrieved members.

He, however, said it was wrong to say he was using the position to enhance his alleged presidential ambition.

Atiku said, “All I was trying to do is to make sure that we provided Nigerians an alternative opposition. This is because I am a firm believer in a two-party system. A two-party system will provide Nigerians with alternatives from time to time.

“A single major or powerful political party will result into a one party system and will ultimately land us into the hands of a dictator. And God-forbid I don’t wish to live and see a dictator in Nigeria”.


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