Omoni Oboli Still Has A Lot To Say About Her Famous Blue Dress


I must admit that this report always cracks me up, especially when i look at the wide grin on President Jonathan’s face as he shakes Omoni Oboli; who happens to be an overnight sensation this week.

Ever since photos from the private screening of her movie “Being Mrs Elliot” at the Presidential Banquet Hall – with President Goodluck Jonathan and VP Namadi Sambo present – surfaced online, she has been a hot topic.

The last time a blue dress sparked so much national debate was between a former American President and a lady who worked with him.

In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, she speaks more about the frock with an embellished neckline that showed off her decolletage.

And although the answers seem similar with her previous interview, she shares more: –

On if she feels the dress was appropriate: “Yes, I felt so. Because there was really no vital part showing if you saw the pictures online. And another thing is that the angles that a picture was taken can portray certain things that was not there.”

On why there is so much criticism: “Actually, you should know that a lot of people are bitter. When people are bitter they try to look for negative things in every positive thing. It is unfortunate that we are in the limelight, because if someone else wore that dressing no one would say a word. It comes with the good and the bad sides. You cannot take the good and leave the bad side. A lot of people are bitter. Some people are thinking why her. Some people have been doing movies for twenty years: why her?

On “why her?”: “It is God’s favour. That is it. It can’t be something else. I shook the president on that day and that was the second time ever that will be shaking him. First was at the burial of his brother that all of us went for, so we had the opportunity to shake him. This was the second opportunity to shake the president. I do not know him personally at all. So, it is just God’s favour. The truth is that favour is not fair. God decided to smile on me. Have I had my bad times? Of course. Last year, there was a time I was crying every day for months. Did anybody hear about it? So, these things happen, it is just God’s favour. And I am not going to let anything pull me down. First of all, I do not read blogs. I do get to see the negative comments. It doesn’t matter to me. My true fans know who I am. And these are the people who matter to me, not the people who see the negative things.”

On her scandal free plate: “Really? I said to someone the other day: I am who I am. I am not trying to stay-scandal free. I am just who I am. No one is perfect. And it will be unfair to portray a clean image to say that I am perfect. I am just like the regular person out there. I have my good sides and the bad sides. I am not trying to stay scandal free, I am who I am.”

On GEJ’s comments about the movie: “The president said Nollywood has put Nigeria on the map. It has helped the economy of the nation in so many ways. He goes to so many countries and people are saying, “Igwe! Igwe!” For him that means that this industry is huge and cannot be ignored, which is why he is doing everything within his power to promote the industry. And on our parts, looking at the concerted efforts of Mr. President, we need to buckle up. We can only get better. We can only get higher.

On what she had to do get GEJ’s approval for the screening: “Why are they saying that? If it was a guy that did it I know no one would be saying that. That is the problem. It could have been a guy’s movie. Would they say he had an affair with the president? When it is a woman’s case things must take a different dimension. This is wrong. Women cannot always be relegated to symbols of sexual pleasure. I did not have any affair with anybody. It was God’s favour that the presidency was willing to see my movie. That is about it.”

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