Osun Guber: NSCDC Imports 15 Specially Trained Dogs From US

k9-team-nscdcThe Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) on Thursday said it had imported 15 dogs specially trained to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) composed with certain chemicals from the United States of America to boost security ahead of Saturday’s Osun gubernatorial election.

The Deputy Commandant General, Operations, Mr Evans Ewurum, who made this known while speaking with journalists at the Osun State Command of the Civil Defence Corps, gave a matching order to political touts hired to disrupt the exercise to leave the state before 6pm on Friday, or risk being disgraced.

Ewurum, however, assured that the Corps, in carrying out the directive, would do so with the highest level of discipline.

While reiterating that NSCDC had deployed no fewer than 20,000 armed and unarmed personnel drawn from neighbouring states and from its national headquarters, Abuja, to ensure maximum security during and after the election, Ewurum warned personnel against receiving any form of gratification from politicians, adding that anyone caught in the act would be dismissed outrightly.

His words, “we are not here to give birth to Caesar but to bury Caesar. Our job here is to ensure that the vote counts. We are not unaware that politicians have massively engaged unemployed youths as touts from within and neighbouring states to infiltrate the state in order to disrupt the exercise.

“We want to alert them that Osun election is not for criminals, touts and other criminals. Our Commandant General has given necessary incentives to our officer as a strategy to avert possible collection of gratification, which is not in our character.

“We all know that the state is already tensed. To this effect, the Civil Defence is here in full force to ensure that there is adequate peace and protection of Osun citizens, electorates and the electoral materials, as well as INEC officials”.


  1. I find this very ridiculous, is the election being conducted in a war zone? It seems it is a win at all cost. Girls have been captured for over 114 days, if half of this resources being deployed for the elections was channeled to fighting crime and corruption……. Sorry that would mean turning the resources against your own self.

    The totalitarian government of the day continually keeps making a fool of us on the international scene whilst with impunity assaults the thinking of the average Nigerian. At the present time whilst Ebola is currently ravaging the country on one hand whilst BH does same on the other hand we are more concerned about personal pockets and interests. My summation is that we would all reap a multiple fold what we all sow. Dairis God o.

  2. If this information is true, then its quite disheartening. Since I have been following the security situation in Nigeria, I haven’t heard or read about the NCSDC importing dogs to detect and prevent the various attacks we’ve had in time past.

    Nyanya Motor Park in Abuja was attacked on two different occasions, where were these dogs? I strongly believe we don’t need these dogs to ensure security during and after elections in Nigeria, we need them to help tackle the security challenges we are presently facing from the Boko Haram sect.

    May God help Nigeria. AMEN.

  3. NSCDC is talking too much; An armed Security Outfit does not make comments lavishly as it is doing; even though,it has a record(precedent) of unchecked Speeches Like The OGA @ THE TOP espiode. This is un becoming.

  4. It goes to show how despirate our politicians are. A Government who have BG and EVD to tackle, the same Government that is seeking for a one billion dollar laon is the same Govt that is deploying all available resources including all security apparatus that we do not have to fight the BH to one state just to protect their selfish political intrest. There is God oooo..