Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Reacts To Allegations That He Has The Cure For The Deadly Ebola Virus

Founder of Trinity House church, Ituah Ighodalo sometime last week was alleged to have announced that he had found the cure/solution for the deadly Ebola Virus (from an article he wrote on his facebook page) and there was therefore no need for people to worry about medical solution.

Well, Pastor Ighodalo has come out to say, ‘No I did not say that, I was misquoted.’

Read his statement below:

“It has come to our attention a story published by the Punch newspaper written by one Temitayo Famutimi in response to a post on our official Facebook page. The original story was a message of hope and faith reminding us of the ever living words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and reaffirming our belief that ‘with God all things are possible’ , using the John Lake testimony and written to encourage us never to cease praying no matter what we or the world may be going through.”

Nowhere in the said story did Pastor Ighodalo make claims that he had found a solution or that “only God’s anointing and the living words of Jesus” were all that were needed for the Ebola disease or that people should not seek medical help and attention. Continue


In no way did the story suggest for people to act irresponsibly with regards to any medical emergency including the Ebola virus. The headline of the story and its contents were clearly written with sensationalism in mind. In the spirit of good journalism the  reporter  should have made attempts to contact the church to verify his story. This negates the practice of professional journalism, which we would have expected from a leading newspaper such as Punch. We sympathise with those who have lost loved ones to the disease and indeed most other diseases ravaging our world including AIDs, Cancer and Malaria and our prayer is that as the medical world continues to look for a solution to the disease and  that our God will provide succour and encouragement to all the innocent people going through this trauma  and do that, which only He can do”. the statement read

Read what he previously wrote about the virus, let’s know what you think………

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