Photo: New map of Nigeria as proposed by delegates of National Confab


As a follow up to their July 3rd recommendation for 18 additional states to be created to bring the number of states in Nigeria to 54, members of the National conference Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government jointly headed by Ike Nwachukwu & Mohammed Kumalia have released a copy of the proposed a new map of Nigeria with the additional states added. (pictured above). Continue to see the newly approved states as seen on the map…

Apa from Benue,
Edu from Niger
Kainji from Kebbi state
Katagum from Bauchi,
Savannah from Borno,
Amana from Adamawa,
Gurara from Kaduna,
Ghari from Kano,
Etiti from South East,
Aba from Abia,
Adada from Enugu,
Njaba from Anambra and Imo,
Oil River from Rivers state
Anioma from Delta state,
Ogoja from Cross River State
Ijebu from Ogun State
Ose state from Edo
New Oyo State from the present Oyo State

The closing ceremony for the CONFAB will take place tomorrow August 21st where the final report adopted by the delegates on all matters discussed will be handed to President Jonathan for consideration and approval. I hope president Jonathan ignores this proposed bill of additional states…


  1. I concur,proposal for additional states should be ignored. As a nationa we should be thinking of reducing govt expenditure and not creating more avenues for people to loot the treasury.

  2. Even a mad man knows it cannot work. But I blame our representative from the south west they are noting but animals how can they accept 2 state out of 18 state. so far so good comfab is a waste of time and resorces.

  3. Those who say the new states be ignored don’t need the development of this country at all. I was young when Bayelsa was created from Rivers State…I went to Bayelsa recently and was very surprised to see the level of development. Degema a town in Rivers State that was much more developed than Yenagoa, lags behind in basic amenities today…so those who don’t want to see good in the land will vehemently kick against state creation. If u don’t spread this money to reach more people, the elite will keep stealing the funds and storing them abroad…but if states are created, monies allocated to States will not be extremely huge so every theft will be felt and identified, and the states will see the need to engage in other meaningful sources of wealth creation…remember states only go to share allocations from Abuja

  4. The present governor of Akwa Ibom state has done marvelousl well…how would that have been possible if Akwa Anom state wasn’t created from Cross River state. Today the Akwa-Ibomites are no longer house girls and boys, cos they have a developed state they can call their own. Why will someone say state creation is not necessary? Pls can someone give me one logical reason why creation of states will underdevelop Nigeria.

  5. I agree with the confab recommendation for more states;those against it do not know what is good for this one great nation called nigeria and how development can spread easily.

  6. How dere you undermine my people from AKS of ones being house girl and boy?I have some body from benue who is serving as maid to my mum right now.if you want to support creation of additional 100 why not go ahead.mind you,you will lead US by 4 state yet underdeveloped-Naomi has said it all.


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