Police Arrest Man for Making 911 Calls Because He Was Bored


A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly called 911 numerous times because he was bored.

According to Boynton Beach Police, Robert Cuchna called 911 and reported fake crimes on a number of occasions.

During one call, the 18-year-old reported seeing a naked man with a gun. In another, he reported that there was a bomb in a dumpster what would detonate in an hour.

He also allegedly called to give false tips about homicide cases and make baseless animal complaints.

Cuchna told police he made the calls because he “had been bored and did not like his neighbors.”

Police were eventually able to trace the calls to Cuchna’s phone and he was arrested. He was booked on three counts of false 911 calls exceeding $100 in service.



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