President Jonathan Sick, Flown to Germany for Urgent Medical Check Up

According to LEADERSHIP,  President Goodluck Jonathan travel to Germany was not for a private visit but was for emergency health issues and he left to Germany to seek medical care.

Jonathan Goodluck


As of the time of press release, every effort to get a statement from  his spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati where not answered.

Also the senior special assistant to the president on public affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe did not answer his phone calls or his emails.

The Presidency had left for Germany after the closing ceremony of the National Conference.

Abati had issued a statement saying that the President will be heading to Germany for a private meeting along with his principal aides but Leadership reveals that immediately he arrived in the European country he went for a medical check up.

The particular hospital he went to is still unknown, with reporters saying he might be at the same hospital his wife received treatment last year when she face some health challenges.

President Jonathan was supposed to host members just-concluded National Conference to a dinner at the Presidential Villa, but the programme was cancelled at the dying minute.

An important source close to the Presidency told Leadership that despite expectations that the president would return soon from his unexpected trip, it was not likely as his health situation was not too good.

The source also said that Presidential Villa yesterday there was an uneasy calm and anxiety over the state of the Presidents health.

According to the source, Ijaw (President Jonathan’s ethnic group) political leaders have gathered at the home of one prominent elder stateman in the Federal Capital, Abuja to discuss about the matter.

Rumours have been going around that the president was ill before his trip to Washington, DC, United States, where he attended the 2014 US-Africa Summit early this month.


  1. In as much as we wish the president quick recovery, it is also sad to to know that many nigerians can’t afford such, yet he has refused to sort out things with the doctors. Nigeria!

  2. Well I wish Mr President quick recovery. But let Mr president look into the lingering strike by Nigerian Doctors. Long live Mr president! Long live Nigeria!!

  3. Hope Mr. President does not have e**la! While wishing him quick recovery, I pray that God grants him the required wisdom to sort out the Doctors’ strike & to put the health sector in a state which will enable all our leaders to have confidence in receiving medical treatment locally here – including our Mr. President.

  4. Nigeria is another Animal Farm where leaders shut down public hospitals and travel abroad to treat a scratch on their skins. There is God ooooooo

  5. who no due sick?our President I wish quick recovery ijn .amen.he is not the one that cause Nigeria doctors problem he can only fix it,let Nigeria doctors cooperate .

  6. If this story is something to go by, I wish d president well.I can’t remember d last time he left for vacation, so he may need some check up.

  7. I sincerely wish our President a quick recovery. But, seriously, how long are we going to keep wasting the tax payers money travelling abroad for treatment and enriching other lands instead of investing the money into our own medical system and try to make it the best? Naija, have we no shame? I’m embarrassed!

  8. I ll always keep saying this,some people ll think that I hate d president but I don’t.
    I wonder why someone ll get sick here in Nigeria and travel all d way to Germany for a check up, we have doctors that re well train and are capable of handling all dis but thy choose to go out there to spend our money what abt those that can’t afford to travel outside the country?
    Why nt make things right so that everyone can benefit from it in dis country?
    Its high time we stand up and fight for our right in dis country,situation where by someone ll sit and be eating only him and his family has if he/she are d person to hold dis country or as if na him papa get dis country.
    Is time to fight for our right.

  9. our leaders chose to travel over seas for medical treatment to avoid pressure of the press in order to keep the status of their sicknesses confidential. At least that is understood, but they should equip our hospitals with the right equipments and personnel’s for the average Nigerian to also benefit good health care. meanwhile, I wish our president quip recovery.


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