Quebec Man Gets $9,000 Internet Bill


A Montreal crepe-maker flipped out last month when he received an Internet bill of nearly $9,000 for allegedly downloading 130 gigabytes a day over a two-month period.

That’s roughly equivalent to downloading 65 movies or 45,000 songs a day.

Jerome Arlabosse complained to police, saying his Videotron Internet account was hijacked.

“I would have to sell a lot of crepes to pay this back,” Arlabosse said.

Arlabosse told QMI Agency that he wishes he had been made aware of Videotron’s policy to let users know when they’re getting close to their monthly gigabyte limit.

Videotron, which is owned by QMI Agency’s parent company, has reached an agreement with Arlabosse about his bill.

While the terms are confidential, he told QMI that he is satisfied.

“And I have submitted a detailed report to police to explain the fraud,” he said.