Reasons To Let Your Children Know That They Are Loved!


It is essential to take a moment each day to connect with our kids and let them know that they are dear to us.

Of the many good things that parents can do for our children, to make them feel loved is certainly one that gives better results.

A child who has no doubts of being loved and valued is a happy child. A happy child with good self-esteem is a child that is easy to live. They’ll like to obey, laugh more, be in a better mood and want to please you.

Many parents say, “My child already knows I love him. I don’t have to tell him”. Sad to say but it is not enough. Many people who have terrible emotional wounds have never heard the expression “I love you” from their parents! Words are powerful, and should be used to create confident and happy people. It’s important to verbalize the love we have for our children and make it a habit If you do. Consider this: you as an adult, you also need to hear from someone that you’re beautiful, you’re worth a lot and there are people who love you. If you need it, how much more for a little person who is still developing?

There are thousands of things we can do for our children. Those things will have good results and bring us great profit. But there is one that is most important above all: Make them feel loved.

It is important to take a moment each day to express our love for them. For the message to be engraved on his heart irrevocably:

  1. Have an eye contact with your son / daughter. Toddlers will sometimes resist but will also do as told. Teens on the other hand will sometimes feel embarrassed but will appreciate it when you talk to them nicely. Look at their eyes, if only for a few seconds, and then …
  2. Verbalize your love:
    – “I love you”
    – “I love you very much”
    – “You’re a very special person”
    – “You make me so happy!”
    – “I will always love you.”
    – “You have made my world wonderful.”
  3. Seal your words with a gesture: Give a hug, a kiss and a hug … make him laugh with a tickle or a kiss through the air, if it is small.

Remember that this is something unconditional . 
Remember that love is not removed. It’s not a reward and you cannot remove it as punishment. That is what love is. Though they’re punished when they misbehaved, still give them an “I love you.” Even if you’re sad, tired or frustrated, grant an “I love you most of all.” You will have a pleasant surprise at how they react.

Sowing love results in a beautiful fruit: more love.