Revealed: Patrick Sawyer’s Wife Explains The Real Reason He Brought Ebola To Nigeria

Decontee_SawyerThe widow of late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who brought Ebola into Nigeria, has defended her husband’s decision to travel to Africa’s most populous country, saying he did so in desperate search for a country with better healthcare system than his own country.

In an article published earlier today, TMZ Liberia Magazine quoted Decontee Sawyer, who is a radio host in New York, as explaining that Mr. Sawyer had no trust in the healthcare system in Liberia and had possibly headed to Nigeria with the hope of receiving better treatment for his ailment.
Mrs. Sawyer shared her thoughts on her Facebook profile from which TMZ Liberia sourced it for publication.

“I’ve read other reports in other papers (not the New York Times) about Patrick’s “recklessness.” I get where they’re coming from, and they certainly have the right to feel the way they do. However, as Patrick’s widow, I would like to shed some light on this from another perspective. One that only I, his wife, would know,” she wrote.

“I knew Patrick better than anybody else (including himself). He had told me many times in the past how much he didn’t trust the Liberian healthcare system. He would tell me about how a person would get checked in for one thing, and get misdiagnosed and get the wrong treatment as a result. On top of that, Patrick was a clean freak, and told me how filthy a lot of the hospitals were.

“He didn’t tell me this, but I know in my heart of hearts that Patrick was determined to get to Nigeria by all means because he felt that Nigeria would be a place of refuge. He has expressed to me many times in the past that he felt passionately about helping to be a part of strengthening Liberia’s healthcare system, but he knew it wasn’t there yet, and he wouldn’t want to take a chance with his life because a lot of people depended on him… Patrick had a passion for life, and he wouldn’t have wanted his to end. So, I bet anything that he was thinking, if I could only get to Nigeria, a way more developed country than Liberia, I would be able to get some help. How ironic.”

Many Nigerians, and even Liberians, condemned Mr Sawyer for traveling to Nigeria despite knowing that he was carrying Ebola virus before embarking on the trip. Some Nigerians on social media have described him as a “biological terrorist” arguing that he came into the country deliberately to spread the disease.

On Monday in Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan described Mr Sawyer’s decision to travel to Nigeria as pure “madness” and “craziness.”

“Sawyer that brought this Ebola to Nigeria; his sister died of Ebola. And he started acting somehow, his country asked him not to leave the country, let them observe him, but the crazy man decided to leave and found his way here,” President Jonathan said.

In her post, Mrs. Sawyer wrote that the fact that her husband avoided contact with others at the James Sprigg Payne’s Airport in Monrovia as revealed by airport CCTV footage proved he didn’t set out to infect others with the disease and perhaps his actions were that of a dying man in desperate search for help.

“It has been reported that Patrick avoided physical contact with everyone he came across during his trip from Liberia to Nigeria. When he got to Nigeria, he turned himself in letting them know that he had just flown in from Liberia.

“Patrick went to Nigeria for help so that he can get properly diagnosed, and not misdiagnosed in Liberia. And if it came back that he did have Ebola, he trusted the Nigerian healthcare system a lot more than he trusted the Liberian’s. His action, as off as it was, was a desperate plea for help. Patrick didn’t want to die, and he thought his life would be saved in Nigeria.”

Mrs. Sawyer then took a swipe at the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who said Mr Sawyer was indiscipline and disrespectful for failing to heed medical advise not to travel.

Mrs Sawyer said if President Johnson-Sirleaf had fixed the healthcare system in Liberia, her husband would not have left in search of treatment elsewhere.

“I write today, not simply because of Patrick, but because of the broken healthcare system in the Liberia, and the government’s inability under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (and other past Presidents) to fix it. Good doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers aren’t given the support they need to save lives.

“President Sirleaf went on CNN News throwing stones at Patrick, a man who can no longer defend himself, a man who worked tirelessly for Liberia. She should be ashamed of herself. I use to admire this woman, and was excited and proud of her accomplishment as the first woman President in the entire continent of Africa. She will always own that. We will always own that. It can’t be taken away from her. It’s something to be proud of. But this woman has failed her country,” she wrote.

Nigeria was free of Ebola until July 20 when Mr. Sawyer arrived.

He became terribly ill on his flight and was rushed to the First Consultant Hospital Obalende, Lagos, where he died on July 24.

Nigeria’s Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said on Monday that although the Liberian government has apologized for the incidence, it was pertinent to note that Nigeria was free of Ebola Virus until its importation by the Liberian-American.

Mr. Sawyer’s action, he said, has placed unnecessary stress on Nigeria’s health system.

Since Mr. Sawyer’s death in a Lagos hospital, two other persons who had contact with him have died of the virus. At least eight others have also tested positive to the infection and have been quarantined at a Lagos hospital.

President Goodluck Jonathan has since declared a national emergency on the disease while the federal health ministry in conjunction with health ministries in the 36 states are working to prevent the spread of the virus, which has killed over 1,000 people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Source: ~Premium Times


  1. I will still maintain the words of our president that your husband was crazy for not knowing that nigerians ære surviving on goodluck.i am sure he must have been misinformed on NTA that nigeria is better. Our president’s goodluck had run out. we ære now living on personal luck

  2. Can this woman hear herself or read what she has written? What sense did it make whatsoever to come to a country that had zero incidence of Ebola from a country where hundreds where dying of the virus? What kind of help was he hoping to get? With his level of exposure and education, would he say he was unaware that there is currently no proven medical cure for the virus? This is just absolute crap! As far as I’m concerned, Mr Sawyer was a selfish man who did not care about how many people he would infect in his vain bid to get treatment. I’m so pissed off with him and this stupid statement from his wife. I hope he is able to rest in ashes because thanks to him, the virus is now in Nigeria and has killed at least 2 innocent persons!!!

  3. What kind of crap is this woman trying to sell to the whole world? Who does she think will buy such bunkum? May be she is just as demented as her late terrorist husband. The real and full story of Mr Spoiler (Sawyer) satanic visit to Nigeria is yet to be told. Look at it again. The man came to Nigeria in search of a cure. America gave Liberia ZMapp but refused Nigeria. Ha…ha….

  4. Mrs Sawyer’s excuse is not tenable and is unjustifiable. The health system in Nigeria is yet to stand on its feet talk more of performing a magic on a disease that is presently without cure.
    The whole fault is on us in Nigeria. Our borders and ports are porous. Our immigrantion and other security agents neglected their duties that was why Sawyer’s incidence came up. He was not properly screened. This is a lesson with very costly repercussions.
    What we should be thinking of now is the way out and how to prevent its wide spread. We know as usual, it is another avenue to embezzle and loot Nation’s treasury. One man’s sorrow is another man’s joy.

  5. God punish you,patrick sawyer your husband and his generation.why don’t he travel to America? Is our health care centers better than Americans? God punish liberia government for allowing him out, God punish liberia embassy for allowing him into the flight. Useless people

  6. Ms Sawyer could be more dangerous for her empty lies: Why should Sawyer choose Nigeria and not USA? Why so long time for her to come out to defend her husband? How he suceseded avoiding infecting his wife and children ? Why did he urinate on the nurses treating him in Lagos? My God,this woman shows no remorse but to attack people and their presidents with her virous verbal diarrheoa mouth.

  7. Decontee or watever u call urself may God punish u and ur family abundantly. See d rubbish u wrote as self defence? It shall not be well with ur generation. Didn’t ur husband see America b4 he decided to bring his cursed self to Nigeria?? He shall never rest in peace cos God wuld hold him accountable 4 d lives of those lost and others that are going to die. If not 4 d stupidity of our politicians wouldn’t they have made proper arrangement 2 forestall this type of environmental hazard?? The only tin they know is to loot. The creator of haven and earth wuld punish everybody responsible 4 dis. Including ur children cos he Jehovah will visit d sins of d father on d 1st and 2nd generation.

  8. Am not surprised dat she is defending her husband, Liberian govt apologizing doesn’t change anything, d man just doesn’t wana die alone, das it. D foolish n evil wife talking abt beta medical attention in Nigeria, is she mad? When did Nigeria become a country with good health care system n not 2 talk of a Virus with no known cure? She is as Devilish as her husband. Obviously, dis is medicine after death, now its in Enugu, how come? D nurse dat had contact with Sawyer doesn’t wana die alone n she disobeyed n left her quarantine center n now Enugu is @ risk, its just a mata of time n we are all finished, tanx 2 1 Patrick Sawyer n ineffective govt n govt agencies, there is no running place, let’s just hope d test vaccine is as effective as restoring good health or else……., Jah help us all

  9. Madam Sawyer assumed everybody to be as foolish as she is. Where did he get the info that Nigeria has cure for Ebola? He has achieved his aim and since it is deliberate, we can’t forgive.

  10. Madam u have notin to tell Nigerians. Whr on earth did ur hubby had d info dat nigeria culd help out. To me his actions were deliberate. He was asked not to travel out of d country but he did. He had a mission, wch he gladly achieved. Bcus of one person,so many are @ great risk. Only God can help us out.

  11. Mrs sawyer you are very lucky u are not close to me I wud hv given u a dirty hot slap by saying that trash. How can we hv d medication since we don’t hv d incidence of such? I know ur hubby is in d pit of hell now by doing such act. Morafucker like u.

  12. Thunder fire her and her dead husband. Since she claim dat d idiot husband came 2 nigeria insearch of better health service,did he make it know 2 d pple dat treated him dat he have ebola?? So dat they will be careful in handling him. We learnt dat his sister died of d virus n he was in contact wit her b4 she died, so wat other diagnosis does he want?? Thunder must fire u nd ur dead husband including liberian govt/nigerian govt,anybody who failed in his line of duty nd allow devilsawyer 2 import ebola in nigeria,thunder must fire him/herr

  13. I can’t believe this woman could actually sit down & type this crap for the whole world to read. What does take us for? bunch of stupid people or what? now I see how wicked & devilish some women can be. she actually expected us to clap for her…what a nice speech. this is the most ruthless, unsympathetic comments I have ever read in my life. I would have considered her comments if she had written those craps from her dieing sick bed, but here is she, healthy and kicking while other innocent people are dieing because of the stupidity of her God-forsaken husband. why is she still negative? is she not supposed to be his first contact? what the hell made him think that Nigerian health system is better? is there any developed country in west Africa? she claims he didn’t mean any harm by coming to Nigeria, why didn’t he state the nature of his illness so the health workers would have protected themselves properly? he succeeded in infecting the very people who tried to save his life. more people are contracting the virus, all thanks to him. why didn’t he travel to developed country like U.S since he doesn’t trust the health system of liberia? he knew countries like U.S won’t grant him entrance. & so called useless wife had the nerve to type rubbish for us to read. I just blame the Liberian government that allowed him out in the first place. we just hope & pray that the U.S drugs works, or we will all be dead before the end of next year.

  14. I like Mrs Sawyer for one thing, even in death she stands with and by her hubby. Decontee, I know u too feel grieved for loosing a loved one, but dt shouldn’t becloud ur sense of judgement. The deed is done. All we were told ur hubby performed at d hospital-denying he had ebola, removing his drip to let out blood and urinating on the medical pple attending him- prooved u wrong. His sole aim was to infect as many ppeople as possible and now he had made a name for himself and his generations, albeit, negatively. God have mercy! Kyrie Eleison.

  15. I think they should check d wife too maybe she also decided to run to america for refuge. For mr patric we will leave for God to judge

  16. This woman and her dead hubby are the same, why can’t he( Sawyer) traveled to United States of America, UK or other European countries with best health care facilities. God will help us in Nigeria In Jesus Name

  17. Thanks to my contry mate u’ve all given her what she need to hear, imagine such heartless woman trying 2defend her most famous criminal husband,I even had that he urinate on people in the hospital,what ur point on that daft?. To nigeria Airport security and gov my question is why do they allowed such a criminal with deadly virus 2 come in to the contry,this means we are not save.

  18. I see a deliberate planned effort by America to infect Nigeria with tis disease. He is liberian-American. Avoided peope in his home country including his wife, but gave himself to unsuspecting Nigerians. The day an American caught this virus, a cure just appeared #they had it all along. We know wat dey are doing. #go tell obama hater that he has succeded

  19. I wonder why you learned and enlightened people are raining curses and abuses on Patrick Sawyer and his wife? Yeah! Patrick was wrong coming to Nigeria with Ebola and believe it or not, the guy could have actually taken the trip, like the wife said, in search of a cure or better healthcare. At least, we remain the giant of Africa in the brains of our politicians and that is the brand they are selling.
    Sawyer was not wrong in seek medical alternative and we should all calm down and redirect our anger and frustrations at our inept FG and the Min of Health. Mind you, this present outbreak of Ebola started since Dec 6th 2013 when a 2yr old kid died in a village in Guinea and his death was followed by the deaths of his sister, mother and grandmother. I will be damned if our Health wasn’t aware of the Ebola outbreak before it became public in Nigeria. So, what did our FG and Health Minister do before Sawyer got here? What measures were put in place at all our entry points? Airports, Ports and borders? Was there any screening parameter in place? Were the officials even instructed to screen or observe visitors? A proactive Govt plans ahead, while a clueless Govt waits for events before acting. Our FG is irresponsible and instead of all of us putting our voices together to demand for the sack of the Minister and a reprimand for the President, we are cursing a dead man. How can we begin to say ‘may God punish him and his generations?’ Why didn’t we say may God punish our President, the Health Minister, the Ministry officials and their generations? Or are they not the faggots that failed in their duties?
    We now have medical insecurity added to our list of insecurities. When you say the truth, some crazy fools will open their stinking mouths to say you are tribalistic or don’t want an Ijaw man to rule. Who gives a fuck about the color, age, religion or tribe of who the ruler is? Its only when a leader is failing or has failed that we begin to bring in the sentiment of tribal differences. Our President that won an election in which he amassed massive votes in the North to defeat GMB is now the one being hunted by the same people that voted for him. Instead of us to face the fact that our President has failed us as a nation, many keep pandering to native sentiments. 2015 is more important to our President than our collective well being. I wonder who he will rule over by the time Ebola has wiped out all his cabinet members and their families before 2015, because as for you and I the grace of God shall be sufficient. May the soul of Sawyer RIP and may the Lord punish the slack hands holding our country and its people captive.

  20. they that trust in the lord shall be like mount zion which cannot be removed but abideth forever, we have been roundabout by our Heavenly father, therefore no evel shall befall us. trust me.

  21. My brother Idris Ogunbadejo thank you so much for saying the truth, God will bless you. Nigerians, Our so call leaders do not have our interest at heart, pls let do the right thing, our brother has said it all, A word is enough for the wise.

  22. God bless Idris Ogunbadejo for the good and truthful talk, yes I agree with you dat the entry point in Nigeria was weak that is why we are all facing what is happening now. Afterall the story of Ebola had been on for long,expectially the outbreak in Liberia and yet the Nigerian Govt did not stop flights coming in from Liberia to Nigerian. Whom are we now blaming? The dead man or the people that fail to perform due diligence. The Nigerian Govt always act after so many lives has been recorded. which is what is happening now. It now occur to them to stop flights from coming from the most affected countries to Nigerian (medicine after death) what should have been pevented if they had been more careful and vigilant. May God come to our aid before we are all wiped out by dis deadly virus

  23. I agree with our president that your husband was crazy for him to think that Nigeria will a cure for Ebole. Well if ur president is stupid as u said, my President goodluck is stupid to believe ur useless story. What ever plan ur husband has against Nigeria will not work because. Soon or later all this ur Liberian virus Ebole will disapper in Nigeria. Our goodluck will see us 2ru

  24. Madam all what ur sayin is trash!! *very bitter* u work in d US so why didn’t ur demon posessed husband come to US for treatment? I stand by our president,ur husband is crazy!!! Imagine his peeing on nurses treating him.isnt it obvious he’s a demon? Rubbish!

  25. i think this woman is as mad as her husband please liberian govt should as well take her to an issolation center because the woman has EBOLA in her ,mr devil(sawyer)did it on purpose knowing fully well that he was going to die of it he decided to spread it.MAY YOU MR SAWYER BURN TO ASHES .but i know my country Nigerian we will survive this we are known to be strong and God loves us .

  26. Good day my people bf I go into the main issue I will like to note ds..our Govnm. Is verry BAD yes but is not as bad as we mek it. Inshot we are the once meking it worst!!!!u say d blem should b on FG. Health agencis!! Ok we don accept dat.. But also know dat u wrting dat, u reading dat, I writing here we are all CORRUPT.. No take it to the BANK. Is just dat u are not been gving a beta Post to Role…we dnt face wat happen ds days, we quickly take it straight to d Govnm….well I don’t hv problem with d COrRUPt 9JA…back to the Mata MRS SaWYER u got me interested in ur writing wen u said u Know ur Hubby more dan he Know him self.. Pls MRs SAWyer der was a woman in a BIBbLE that deffend and save her Hubby by calling him a the pressent of the would have been beta if u do d same tin Here.. Well a wise one once said Show me ur frnd and I will tell u who u are!!! Anyways Both of u have made a famous name.. I neva knew der was a name on Earth call SawYer.. I know of SUYA.[A wrost meat]. A wise one can call SawYer a DEVIl..and call u his Wife a FOOL…how can u tell who so ever care to hear that Sawyer LOVe his Life and Would not love to lost it.. Well bcos der was no Any option to live LIFE again so to HIM it was painfu goin alone he dcided to come to the must. Populated city in Africa to spread the Gosple…mrs Sawyer u are a FOOL…sawyer is an American Liberian y did he not Go to America that hv the Bst in the World we live to day?? Well not much to say abt what happend wen he enterd my country [9JA] how he Crazily, MADIcally..DEvilishlly bhave.. Mrs Sawyer are u even trying to convince 9JA by telling dem dat dey Have beta health facilitiez..or u dnt jusat go to school?…our leadas of ds generation dey dnt care if der wife. Study or not is just to Buy certificates,,,,may be u are one of dem dat Bought…I dnt want to go far… Bt pls MRS SAwYer don’t write ds again.. If u want to. Come and tell the whole world that ur Hubby DIvil Sawyer is a fool…thank u very Stupid

  27. If ur late huzi needed a better health care he should hv call u that he is coming to USA or go to india were their system words effectively as regard health issues not nigeria,u woman,or at least call the authority of liberia health care to explain his problem u no ur huzi veri well dt is to say u knew he had the virus and u chose to stay in the state far from him.u the talk nonsense.

  28. A cow is better dan her husband and herself… Wat nonsense? Wen he knew dat d cure is not available he headed for Nigeria. Was told dat we have ebola cure? Ebola will kill her and even her husband again in d grave

  29. Even before I came across this topic,my mind told me that Sawyer deliberately came to Nigeria to seek for a medical help, and I am also telling you that I believe that Sawyer must have revealed this to his wife before travelling
    to Nigeria,but she doesn’t want to say the truth but rather prefers to beat about the bush because she is afraid of the effect that will be on her if she says the truth. I also suggest that the Doctors should try curing ebola with FLU medications hence ebola and flu have almost the same sypmtoms.

  30. Mrs Sawyer has no justifiable defence for her husband’s foolish act rather than wanting to spread the deadly disease to Nigeria. He wanted to die with an internationally known identity ss having spread the virus to other parts of Africa. What a wicked and callous man . He couldn’t have achieved his aim without the help of Liberian government hence apologies by the Liberian government is merely. medicine after dealth and they knew it.

  31. I don’t have much to say to this sick woman but may God punish you and your entire generation for deliberately making a nation surfer and may you all die of ebola and after which may you route in the innermost chamber of hell fire even at that you ll still not rest. BIG IDIOT.

  32. This just goes to tell us that Mrs Sawyer is even much more demented than her late children.Care should be taken concerning their kids for traces of madness.Mr Sawyer will definitely not rest in peace for bringing such pain.If he was educated,he ought to know that all that glitters are not Gold;does the infamous country Nigeria look golden?They just want to cause more chaos because they can’t tell me they are blind to boko haram plague.May the innocent heads and blood of the chibok girls that have been abandoned now to tackle Ebola punish u n your dead husband.

  33. Nar thunder go strike the whole liberian and the fuck***ing mrs stupid uslesss sawyer suya…to hell with you and ya fake stories…to hell with ur husband grave and he’s gonna burn to ashess…omg how I wish I could jes see u would shot u down with 9mm pistol or pump action catrige..hell to u his wife..its ur turn to fuc**kin die soon..atu ku duku oko ni ona orun..

  34. @Idris if indeed you are educated as stated then you should have learned to come up with constructive critism towards FG and not this trash you spilled here. Is Mr president the Immigration or Airport staffs on duty? Is Mr president suppose to quarrantine Mr Sawyer? All your claim boils down to general poor attitude to work most Nigerian display at their duty post. There are people who watch things happen. There are people who make things happen.There are people who talk about things that happened and There those whose actions and attitude hinders progress. GEJ is not my brother and I didn’t vote him either but quote me he’s the best performing president of Federal Republic Of Nigeria under the present condition of this nation(the opposition pepetrating evil are those that have lost political grounds). @Patrick Sawyer RIP for God is the only judge. God bless my beloved country Nigeria.

  35. Fellow Nigerians I thank you all for all ur wonderful comment on dis junk typed by d Mrs of Patrick Sawyer Madam u must be insane trying to defend d evil act of dat ur dead evil husband y re u in America madam y not com to d Nigeria too “e came here searching for good medical care even wen he knows fully well dat our institutions in dis country re all stuggling orga which wud ve been far better dan wat it is today but corruption n looting of public treasury will not let tins be d way its suppose to be and that y dis deadly epedemic has befalling dis country, if badluck n his cabinet members do rili ve in mind d welfare of d pple Ebola will not ve gotten to 9ja so soon but they re all bizi strategy ways to manipulate election result so dey can continue their stealing God will punish all of you connected to this, There re more to dis virus storming 9ja dan meet d eyez but all ye connected to it will not go scot free as for d liberia govt keep ur apologies it won’t change anitin now d virus is alreadi here killing people dats wat u all wanted now u ve it becos we ve anoda set of criminals posing itself as govtmnt of d country but truthfully re not government cos a true government holds to a very high esteem d welfare of his pple in all realmification, we re alredi entangle to dis so all I can say is God help us in dis Nigeria, FG you pple sud continue o campaigning wen d State need serious attention prior its recent insecurities facing d country, instead of gej to settle NMA for dem to resume duties as dey re very important in combating dis deadly virus he is sacking almost 16 thousand resident doctors will a pple oriented govtmnt display such insensible action kip campaigning don’t bring Doctors back a set up a very strong movement to start experiments on how to get a vaccine dat can be giving to Nigerian @ all level to reduce and slow d reaction dayz kiping d person long enuf to detect n possibly placed on medication observations maybe u want to become d president of a cementry state cos if proper measures re not taking to protect lives against dis dispeakable virus sooner or later We ll re meet underworld, The Liberia govt, Nigeria govt n every oda culprint to dis virus arriving 9ja na Ebola go kill una a una families by d grace of God, “Emmanuel innocent nigerians wat a country

  36. God will punish all our heartless politicians.I just pray they or their families should contract the virus let me see how they will travel outside the country for treatment.

  37. Mrs soyar is as mad as her husband . Foolish wicked devilish Patrick will 4 even remain in our black book in this country. And the blood of innocent nigerians that he infected before he died will hunt him to hail
    When did nigeria become the us uk ukrine or india in good medical record thank u 4 not being able to advice ur husband thank u 4 ebola- pactric-virus God will c Nigeria through it.
    May the saul of ur husband Patrick remain in hail in jesus name AMEN

  38. Mr sawyer might not be in his right senses while taking such a drastic decision. He should have known nigeria is already under stress with this boko haram issue. He just made things to stressful for us the FG, Ministry of health infact all nigerians. I urge the FG to be more strict on our borders, airports and put a stop to planes that coming from ebola affected countries atleast that will also help to curtail the spread of EVD. I felt for late Dr Adadevoh and her team who helped to control the spread and on the other hand infecting themselves, may God give them enternal rest and bless their families and also give them the heart to bear their losses, for those that still in intensive care, may God grant them speedy recovery. Let us all stop this criticisim and embrace God for only God has the power to save us all. Nigeria in blessed and we will all survive this trial period.

  39. Wait!!….wait….please what is this woman trying to say…dat her crazy husband was searching for a country with better healthcare what she’s saying is that,she didn’t find other country apart innocent nigeria to look for health????what of China,india,and even the world power nation United State of America!why didn’t he go there eh!! Rubbish mrs sawyer or whatever u are called….just shutup


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