Saidi Balogun: “Stop Spreading Lies, I Can Never Reconcile With My Ex-Wife Fathia”


Na wa ooh, is the broken bridge that irreparable???

Famous Nollywood actor and producer — Saidi Balogun has come out to blast amebo people as he sat down with Encomium Weekly magazine, Saidi says that he is not ready to reconcile or talk to his ex-wife, Fathia Balogun and as a matter of fact, they will never talk again for life.

Saidi while addressing the rumors that himself and actress have made up said, people only started peddling the rumors that they are back together because they both acted in Mercy Aigbe’s yet to be released new movie.

How can it happen? We didn’t even see on set of the movie, not to talk of reconciling, it’s a big joke. We have not spoken since 2006, where is the love coming from, he said.

“People don’t understand what’s really going on between us. I believe that’s why they are peddling the rumour. There is no logic in it at all.”

“I think it’s because they saw us in Mercy Aigbe’s new movie, Life After Marriage, that’s why they imagined we’re back in love. The marketer of the movie only used Fathia and myself to promote the movie. And so far people saw the two of us in the movie, they started peddling the rumour that the movie was meant to reconcile us.

“The funniest thing is that we didn’t act together on the set of the movie. We didn’t even see each other for once. I acted my role separately, she also did hers separately. Our paths didn’t cross at all on the set of Life After Marriage till the production ended. So, I don’t know how people arrived at the conclusion that we have reconciled. After how many years? That’s a big joke.”

Asked if they have started communicating with each other as being bandied, he reacted,

“There is nothing like that, my brother. On what basis will that communication be? To be honest, the last time we spoke was 2006. I have since moved on. I thank God for that. We don’t have any reason to talk to each other. It can’t happen at all.”

Fathia and Saidi are blessed with two children, Khalid and Halia.