Sokoto Youth Leaders Okays Govt Borrowing, Slams Protesters

Coalition of Sokoto State Youth and Students Leaders (CSYSL), has called on youths in the state to stop further protest against state government’s plans to borrow money for developmental purposes, noting that the state is empowered by the law to borrow for such purpose.

It also described an earlier protest in the state as the handiwork of enemies of the government, advising that youths should avoid being used to achieve political ends.

“It is surprising that some youths are engaging in activities that are capable of tarnishing the image of Sokoto State over an issue that has constitutional backing.

“It is a known fact that constituted authorities are empowered by the law to borrow funds to finance developmental projects. And the Federal Government is the highest beneficiary of this constitutional backing.

“We the authentic youths and students are calling on those that are not in the know of the position of the law, to desist from sponsored and stage-managed activities in the name of protest capable of breaching the peaceful atmosphere in the state,” the CSYSL statement read.

The statement was signed by Messrs. Kassim Nakura, Deputy Coordinator Zone A, National Association of Nigerian Students,NANS; Abdulrahaman Aliyu, General Coordinator, Coalition of Sokoto Youth Associations; Abubakar Salame, Vice President, North-West, National Youth Council; Abdulrahaman Bawa, Deputy Speaker Northern Youth Assembly and Suleiman Mamud, Youth Initiative for Development and Accountability.


  1. It’s quite pathetic that everything in Nigeria is politicized. While the government’s borrowing may be backed up by law, it may be unwarranted or for projects that would not benefit the people. Now, if the people say ‘no’, who is the government if not the people?

    Then again, the ‘people’ may have been engineered by some unscrupulous elements just to cause problems! Sometimes, one really does not know what to belief in Naija again!