Storm Sambisa Forest And Bring Back Our Daughters Dead Or Alive – Chibok Parents To FG

Chibok-girlsParents of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls have told President Goodluck Jonathan and the Nigerian Army to go ahead and end Boko Haram, even if it endangers their children’s lives.

They said they are ready to turn their daughters into sacrificial lambs as long as it will end the insurgency and the terror that Boko Haram has unleashed on the land.

Four months of their daughters’ stay in captivity and the parents now seem ready to embrace the option of a military invasion of the dreaded Sambisa forest no matter the outcome.

Chairman of the Chibok community in Abuja, Hosea Tsambido, who spoke on behalf of the Chibok parents, said they had given up hope of their daughters returning alive and are only asking that the government return with their bodies so that they can be given proper burial rites.

Tsambido spoke in Abuja during the protest by members of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Group to mark 130 days after over 200 girls were abducted from the Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok.

According to him, the Chibok culture requires parents and family members of missing persons to bury their loved ones if they have been missing for over four months, adding that after three to four months, the families must perform the burial ritual and assume that the persons are dead to enable them move on with their lives.

His words: “Culturally in our area, when our child or a person is missing for three to four months and you do not hear anything about the person, we will arrange for the burial ceremony and to take it as if the person is dead and we will perform the burial ritual and forget about the person and try to forge ahead with life.

“Now the parents are saying that it is better for them to bring the girls back, even if it means the corpses so that they will bury them properly.

“Let the girls be the sacrificial lambs, that is what they told me. I spoke with them last night on the issue and their opinion is that the army should go into Sambisa. If some of the girls are saved, die or abscond, so be it than all this trauma that the parents are going through right now.

“They are saying that let the government go into the forest and bring back the corpses of the children so that they can bury them properly”, Tsambido stressed.


  1. The Military Should Blow The Forest To Smoulders,we Have Lost Too Many Lives Trying To Save Them.At Least They’ll Die Heroes As Huge Scores Of Terorists Will Die With Them

  2. Will thy go in d forest now that d parents of d girls are saying thy should go even if it mean them to lost their daughter will thy,instant thy ll sit in their houses accusing people that thy re nt sure of.


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