Tagging Nigerian Soldiers Found In Cameroon As Defectors, Misleading – DHQ

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has described as inappropriate and misleading, tagging of Nigerian soldiers who while in pursuit of Boko Haram terrorists found themselves in Cameroon, as defectors.

According to the statement in the defence website, the Nigerian troops that were found in Cameroun was as a result of a sustained battle between the troops and the terrorists around the borders with Cameroun which saw the Nigerian troops charging through the borders in a tactical maneuver.

“Eventually they found themselves on Camerounian soil. Being allies the normal protocol of managing such incident demanded that the troops submit their weapons in order to assure the friendly country that they were not on a hostile mission,” the authorities explained.

According to the DHQ, the issues have been sorted out following necessary discussions between Nigerian and Camerounian military authorities.

Subsequently, it added, the troops are on their way back to join their unit in Nigeria.


  1. it is truely misleading. these are men fighting for the peace of this nation. we should not tag them with such a word. we should continue to support them so as to boost there morale. we will surely overcome these times.

  2. More dan averagE of our newscasters are fools,bcus dey go after dis people to snap and feed d public wit senseless news. They sud go and join soldiers and b calld such name, dat dey deserted, goats are beta dan such persons bcus dose guys are doing dier best even wen mst of our leaders are sabotaging d effort dey are making every minute