The Perfect Face Makeover Now On Palmchat


Every woman deserves a diva look especially when it comes free all thanks to…yep! Welcome to the new world of posh girls, as our own WONderful-TWOderful-darling woes all Lagos Babe with her enticing KONGA MAKEOVER promo now running on Palmchat.

Girls this is that moment we all have been waiting for…C’mon now, take your chance at getting that take-home-to-mama look as the best of makeup artistes animate your face with beauty smudges (…did I say smudgesJ? Just joking) to reborn you into a Grade A beauty queen with neck-twisting abilities and traffic-jam initiation potential!

Join the happy craze of ladies placing their KONGA orders on Palmchat now; all you need do is to sign in on the platform and peradventure you haven’t downloaded the Palmchat app yet, go to your device app store and download the Palmchat app. The Palmchat app is available on every mobile device app store and currently stands as Nigeria’s most trending mobile social app!.

Your perfect KONGA makeover is just around the corner on the KONGA.COM Palmchat group; simply click the makeover link: hosted on the group and find your way to the fashion-based app. Answer the questions you asked correctly and mop up some points…your questions are time-bound ladies! So, the participant that scores the highest point gets a professional makeover, all cost on KONGA.COM so let’s have fun girls. 

PR 2 is one of Nigeria’s leading online retail stores delivering the best of retail services to Nigerians at the comfort of their homes and offices. With over 2 million signups in Nigeria, is consolidating her quest to meet the growing demand of Nigerian comfy-shoppers who love to shop without stress by taking their favorite online store to them on their favorite social platform-Palmchat.

So, stay in the know with group on Palmchat on the latest arrivals, discount rates and promos; place your orders and have it delivered in no time and you can get a face shine every time you doJ.  Good looks are yours for the taking girls; join the KONGA group on Palmchat!


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