Top 5 Main Myths About Ebola

Some conspiracy theories about Ebola virus can spread all along the web faster than the virus itself (bad joke). But it concerns all epidemic diseases or viruses that outbreaks our planet from time to time. So we decided to present you five most popular myths about Ebola virus.  


Myth 1: Ebola is a huge cannibalistic ritual

In one of the hospitals in the West Africa one nurse insisted on the fact that the Ebola virus was “produced” to provide victims for a huge cannibalistic ritual. Such a statement caused a lot of panic. Angry crowds even gathered near hospitals and threatened doctors and patients.

Myth 2: Ebola was made by humans

Every deadly disease, like HIV/AIDS, different kinds of flu and some other cause rumors that they were produced by human beings to reduce a population of our planet. So some persons are sure that Ebola didn’t come from animals to human, but was produced by people. There are believers who are thinking that big pharmacy companies are the ones to blame for this virus. They believe such corporations produce viruses to gain profits from selling the antidote or vaccines.


Myth 3: Ebola is a product of biological wars

Some scientists presented the hypothesis that the outbreak of Ebola can be a part of biological warfare. It could be also used to create the commercial interest and panic in some African areas, especially with a help of rumors and media.

Myth 4: Ebola is a punishment for immoral acts

It is not so hard to believe that some religious leaders of Nigeria rather harm and spread panic than doing some good things. Some of them are sure that Ebola virus is a new plague, which God sent on our planet to punish some “shameful” acts like homosexuality. And consider that all should pray for God`s forgiveness.

Myth 5: Ebola is a biological weapon for terrorists

Ebola virus has really high fatality rate. But there are much more powerful biological weapons. Ebola virus is not so strong: it very sensitive to sunlight and needs a host. It can`t survive without if for a long time. Ebola is a fast killer, but for a biological weapon it is rather a disadvantage – because it is much more harder to spread it.


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