Victoria Beckham Has Owned A Total Of 13 Engagement Rings Worth £4million In 15 Years of Marriage!

Most girls are pretty much happy with one beautiful engagement ring – they see it as a lasting and singular symbol of love. But that’s a language Victoria Beckham doesn’t understand.

The fashion designer has owned a whopping 13 (yes you did read that right!) engagement rings so far over her 15 year marriage. That’s basically one ring for each year she’s been married to football legend David Beckham.

The singer-turned-designer seems to regard her wedding ring as a fashion accessory – getting through an astonishing 13 engagement rings in 15 years of marriage to husband David.







According to Daily Mail, Experts have valued her 15 year collection of diamonds, emeralds and sapphires at nearly £4million ((about N1.26billion)!

When David proposed in 1998, Victoria’s first ring was a diamond cut into an elongated ‘marquise’ shape, set on a yellow gold band, worth around £65,000 (N17.5million).

However as the couple’s star profile grew, so did the value of her rings! At Wimbledon this year she showed off her £100,000 (N27million) engagement ring with a yellow diamond set in yellow gold. And one of her favourites is a square cut emerald with surrounding diamonds, valued at £500,000.

The most expensive of her thirteen engagement rings is said to be a huge heart-shaped diamond thought to be worth in excess of £1million.