Why Some Died When Others Survived Ebola

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris has explained why some patients died and others survived the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

According to the commissioner, chances of survival depended on the immune systems of the affected people, and the timing and quality of treatment.

“The survival of patients depend on how early the patient is able to access treatment and that is why we keep begging people not to hide at home, do not keep yourself as soon as you start developing symptoms.

“Apart from this the chances of survival also depend on the innate immune system of patients, and the efficacy of immunity is also dependent on the age.

“A 27year-old person is in better position to fight any disease than a 50 year-old and a 60 year old because of age.

“Ebola is not a death sentence, if patients come in for treatments early, they stand a higher chance of survival,” he said.

“I encourage the private health sector to further co-operate with the government and promptly report any suspected case. The need for basic universal precaution and barrier nursing should be uppermost.

“The government is also prepared to ensure that your businesses enjoy an on-going concern status.”

Idris also explained that government was currently shifting from primary to secondary contacts tracing to track down more possible patients.

He said the state government, together with other partners would continue to do its best to ensure effective containment of the disease, saying that more vehicles have been procured as well as personnel.

Idris cautioned against panic but urged the public to take necessary measures against the disease.

The commissioner advised against unprotected contacts with corpses, monkeys and other primary sources of the disease.

Calling for vigilance, he explained that human-to-human transmission was only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely ill from the Ebola virus.

Idris said there is no special treatment for Ebola victims as those who had been successfully treated were treated based on the symptoms they manifested.