300 Boko Haram Members Surrender In Cameroon, Begs For Asylum

Dreaded terror sect, Boko Haram has continued losing ground as more members of the group have surrendered in Cameroon over the past three weeks, according to the country’s defense ministry.

According to Cameroon’s defence Spokesman, Lt. Col. Didier Badjeck, at least 300 Boko Haram members surrendered their arms and asked for asylum in Cameroon.

More than 260 Boko Haram fighters had last week surrendered in Nigeria after sustained pressure from troops.

It has been alleged over time that the terrorists were joined by fighters from neighbouring Cameroon, Niger and Chad. President Goodluck Jonathan also made the claim while giving a speech in New York at the UN General Assembly.

Boko Haram had in recent weeks taken its attacks to border towns and villages in Cameroon, prompting a swift counter-attack from Cameroonian troops.

Cameroon soldiers also captured Abakar Ali, one of Boko Haram top commanders on Saturday. A large cache of arms and ammunition was also seized from the Islamist militants during the operation, including 5 machine guns, 14 rifles, 24 rockets, 4 rocket launchers, 6 Kalashnikovs, 60 Kalashnikovs magazines, 4 automatic pistols, over 500 9mm ammunition, 469 12.7mm ammunition, 4,454 7.62 mm ammunition, 1,491 5.56 mm ammunition, 822 ammunition of 7.62 mm, 6 grenades, 28 rocket launcher chargers and other weaponized accessories like pincers, tweezers and knives.

Ali was arrested with two other Boko Haram fighters in Kousseri, a town in northern Cameroon.

He was said to be the sect’s commander in charge of attacks along border towns in Nigeria and Cameroon.


  1. May God continue to deliver us from boko haram sect. But, all the weapons and ammunitions recovered from insurgent fellow were over billions of naira. Definitely, it is top Nigerians are the brain behind evil doers. God shall continue to expose them and put an end to all this evil act.

  2. Thanks the government and the military for a job well done.

    My only concern is what happens to those deadly weapons seized from those hellish men of hell fire.

    I pray those weapons does not end up in the ammoury of thieves, armed robbers and the likes.