$9.3m Arms Deal: Oritsejafor Dragging Christianity In The Mud – Catholic Bishops

CatholicThe leadership of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, has accused the President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, of dragging the image of the body in the mud, saying it was wrong for his private jet to be associated with the controversial $9.3 million arms deal in South Africa.

The conference said military aircrafts could have been conveniently used for that purpose.

Speaking on the BBC Hausa service on Wednesday, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos and President of CBCN, said they had been watching with “sadness, how Oristejafor had been hobnobbing with the Presidency for long”, and accused the CAN leader of dragging Christianity into the mud.

Kaigama faulted the way and manner Oritsejafor has been running CAN and urged the relevant authorities to investigate the matter dispassionately and ensure that culpable persons did not go unpunished.

“It is not proper, the guilty must be punished. It is not acceptable for a Christian leader to be seen always with the President. We in the Catholic have always picked holes in Oritsejafor’s style of leadership in CAN and we even wanted to stop attending CAN meetings at the national level”, he said.


  1. It is a sadnews to see Elderly bishops talking publicly about their CAN, president. As pastor Ayo Oristejafor found guilty by senat ? What I was expecting this Bishop to do is holding a meeting with their pastor Ayo Oristejafor interview him about what is on ground and if not satisfy , then a fact finding committy should be set up , and even some of this can be in such committy befoe they start open their mouth in public and bringing shame and making it know that what they ment from the beginning is still in their mind, the catholic bishop believe that the CAN position belongs to them as an inheritance which they was never in support for a pentecotal minister to handle the position. When imoral issuse about bishops and Revrened fathers was publish do any clergy come out to speak against catholic churh? Have you people comes out to appreciat pastor Ayo for his good work in defending the chrithian faith on the boko araham issue, if not him standing wit our president when the northan muslim was tetorisin Mr president, pls Bishop of catholic churh u re not Bishop of heaven, let us wait, investigat because I see dis as a set up to our very own pastor Ayo Oristejafor.am not asking us to cover evil, but to come out with facts to enable the public know you are not sentimental. Thank and let every one of us be slow to speak