A Fan Counts Down 10 Things That Make Korede Bello Special


I didn’t even know there was a Korede Bello fan base known as — BELLOVERS!!!

Anyways, a very serious fan of the Mavin artistes did a count down of the things that make him so special.

Read it below: –

People constantly ask me why I like Korede Bello so much. They do not understand that it’s not for superficial reasons so i decided to do this. TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT @koredebello

1. His HUMILITY. This definitely is number 1. It always gets me. But like i always say, the way up is down.

2. His VOICE. He is extraordinarily talented. His smooth voice always provides a sort of comfortzone for me.

3. His DRESS SENSE. Simple but he always looks like a #DoroMegaSuperStar. (The necklace). No blings and things that attract unnecessary attention.

4. He does not take things for granted. His fans mean a lot to him. He can sacrifice even his sleep just so he can retweet and reply them or repost their pictures and videos.

5. He is a HUSTLER. Not in the razz sense of the word but he will not stop until he gets where God has destined for him to be.

6. He is FUNNY. Several times my mom has had cause to question my sanity because I am laughing so hard at something he said.

7. He is SPONTANEOUS. Á la his dorobucci fuji remix. I laugh everytime i see it.

8. He is SWEET. If you are his friend, he will stop at nothing to see you happy. He will stay up till 12 midnight to wish you happy birthday and start fighting over who was first to wish *shines teeth* (But korede dont lie, u know i won!)

9. He is FRIENDLY. This ought to be number one because this is my primary reason for being a #bellover . He manages to make time out of no time for his friends and fans. He tries as much as possible to reply without hurting your feelings. He is also an UnderG Pastor. His prayers are #GBAM

10. Now I made this number ten because people tend to think its number one but I want them to know there are more important things, but I will not lie o. He is CUTE. His youthful looks endear him to many including Your’s Truly.

BONUS: He may or may not know this but he unites his fans in a way no other celeb has been able to do. By being a bellover, i have met some of the most awesome people ever. Now you see why I can never stop repping the #BelloverMovement. Please feel free to add yours or even re-do your own TEN THINGS.

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