Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Report Accuses “Trigger-Happy” Nigerian Security Of Mass Killings Of Civilians

A report by French Institute for Research in Africa says that the Nigerian security “unable to maintain law professionally” killed thousands of country civilians within the last 8-year-period.



“Culture of violence”

According to the study carried out by the Institute in cooperation with the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, the military, police and security “are trigger-happy and unable to maintain law and order professionally and peacefully”, Premium Times refers to the research. It was also stated that the more the mentioned forces intervene in civilian protests, the more blood is shed.

Proving the statements with the statistical data, the researches said:

“The police, for instance, killed in 1,561 of 2,707 lethal incidents where it intervened in 2006–2014, an annual average of 58% lethal interventions that peaked at 80% in 2013–2014. The proportion is quite similar (57%) if we take into account all government security forces for the period 2006–2014, including the army, the secret services, customs, immigration, and civil defence.”

The study attributed such outcome to “the culture of violence and impunity within the security forces” adding that “the pattern is too systematic to permit us think that this so-called “collateral damage” consisted of unfortunate mistakes”.

Reason for violent deaths in the country 

The report stated that within the 2006-2014 period, accidents, crime, political clashes, and ethno-religious fighting were the main causes of violent deaths, which total 60,858 in these 8 years. While the initial main causes of violence were road accidents, starting from 2014 the situation changed, with the escalation of the North-East conflict and the increasing number of fatalities associated with it.

However besides Boko Haram, accidents are by far the main cause of violent deaths in Nigeria.

“Cars are responsible for most fatalities, followed by fires and explosions, other accidents (plane crash, boat mishap, animal attack, electrocution, drowning, suffocation, building collapse), and natural disasters.”

The highest number of such accidents takes place in Lagos, but due to the policy employed by Lagos State Governor Raju Fashola the situation improved, research provides.

The second major reason for violent deaths in the country is crime, with centers in Lagos, Rivers and Plateau states.

The report concludes that with the rise of insurgency in Nigeria’s north, Borno state is becoming the most insecure place in the country. Meanwhile Sokoto and Jigawa have lowest homicide rates in the north and Ekiti, Osun, and Akwa Ibom – in the south.


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