Amaechi Replies Alamieyeseigha On Jonathan

Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has dismissed the call by former Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha  for him to beg President Goodluck Jonathan and return to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Alamieyeseigha, who was convicted for money laundering but later granted pardon by Jonathan had made the call at the weekend.


The PDP chieftain said: “I think there is no problem between Governor Amaechi and  President Goodluck Jonathan. I think Amaechi should be humble enough to go to the President and say, ‘I am sorry’, because he has no place to go.

“A child that is not respectful will also not deserve respect from anyone. I have spoken to both of them. Jonathan has no issues. President of Nigeria is very powerful. I even told Amaechi: the first entity you cannot fight is Almighty God and the second entity is the government(President Jonathan).

“No matter how you interpret it, nobody can fight government(Jonathan) successfully…Rivers State will never be surrendered to APC.”

While commenting on Alamieyeseigha’s statement, Governor Amaechi, in a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, David Iyofor, dismissed the call by the former governor.

Amaechi said the former Governor was trying to stand logic on its head and was not bold enough to tell the world what he(Alamieyeseigha) told Amaechi when he (Alamieyeseigha) came to talk about the President with him Amaechi.

“Yes, its true that Governor Amaechi does not have any personal issues with the President. And yes, when Chief Alamieyeseigha came to the governor to discuss this issue, he said that there is not much problem between the President and Governor Amaechi.

“But Alamieyeseigha wasn’t bold and courageous enough to say what he told the governor the problem is.

“He told Governor Amaechi that he cannot understand why President Jonathan cannot rein in, control or manage his wife. But for him to now go to the press to say something else is indeed most cowardly and timid of him,” the statement read.


  • Amaechi shd listen now orji uzor kalu had before now warned him to sue for peace and now alamieyeseigha. He and GEJ are not in any way equal at all one GEJ was before now a deputy much later gorvernor vice president and president.amaechi listen b4 is mercy run out. I dnt know the reason for this magnitude of bitterness.amaechi is only been childish

  • My bros i am ashamed when men turn themselves into God i wish not to know who round who btw R Amechi and GEJ but let the president know that We all work for him but God established him

  • Sometimes are felt ashamed of been a Nigerian. Why do people hate the truth? Everyone knows who caused the problem between Mr President and Amechi. GEJ’s wife of course but Mr President couldn’t caution or control his wife. Mind you not only in River State!

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