Amosun/Osoba Face-Off: Why Reconciliation Maybe Impossible – Sen. Obadara

Amosun-OsobaA factional chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ogun State, Gbenga Obadara has described the state governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, as a pathological pretender.

Mr. Obadara, who is the current senator for Ogun Central, stated this on Wednesday while featuring on a live programme on Rockcity F.M Radio Station in Abeokuta, the state capital.

The senator, who belongs to former Governor Olusegun Osoba’s faction of the party known as Matagbamole, berated Gov. Amosun for calling on the people of the state to help plead with his predecessor to forgive him of any wrong doing in light of the political differences that has split the party in two.

Sen. Obadara said the governor’s appeal was not genuine but pretence; hence, there was no reason why Mr. Osoba should forgive him.

Recall that Gov. Amosun while featuring as a guest on the same radio programme, denied being in competition with the ex-governor and pleaded for his forgiveness.

“For me, it takes two to tango, even if you want to resolve something, the two have parties to agree. I don’t want to discuss this. What I know is that Chief Osoba is my leader –our leader – and he will be our leader. So, on this APC matter, I’ll continue to appeal to the people. Nobody benefits from an environment of discord. So, I will continue to appeal, that is what I am doing. I will continue to appeal to all our elders because I feel so depressed”, Mr. Amosun said.

Mr. Obadara, while dismissing the appeal for reconciliation, said Mr. Amosun in his actions had never shown genuine repentance but had polarised the party and that was why his apology should be ignored.

He further accused the governor of not being a team player.

“The party is lopsided. Our people paid for the congresses but they were side-lined. When we complained to the national leadership of the party, they did nothing. In a state where five to six local governments do not have commissioners, the governor does not have good advisers”. he pointed out.

Sen. Obadara continued: “Our leader, Aremo Olusegun Osoba, was humiliated, he was abused, his house was defaced. The governor did not say anything about it. He neither phoned the leader nor went to his house since he became governor. The governor had said, all the National Assembly members in the state are inconsequential, we don’t have electoral values.

“He is not a team player; his commissioners cannot talk to us. They would be afraid that the governor would find out they are talking to us. Some of his loyalists said they will kill us. And when we told him what his people told us, he said he did not send anybody. Except justice is done, if we did not get the required justice, definitely, we will take our fate in our hands”.


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