Boko Haram: APC Shocked By Jonathan’s Indiscretion; Asks Why He Took Ali Modu Sheriff To Chad

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as shocking, President Goodluck Jonathan’s “indiscretion” in deciding to travel with an alleged Boko Haram sponsor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party wondered what message President Jonathan was sending to the nation and the international community when he took Modu Sheriff along during his visit to Chad on Monday, to confer with President Idriss Deby on cooperation against terrorism.

“This action by President Jonathan confirms what the APC has always believed: That the President either knows more than he is willing to admit on the issue of those who are behind the Boko Haram insurgency or he is willing to sacrifice the battle against terrorism on the altar of political expediency. Either way, this action by the President is the height of indiscretion at best, or a palpable exhibition of callowness at worst.

“It also confirms our fears that Modu Sheriff was planted as a mole in the APC by his friends in high places, who are jittery about the birth of the party and would do anything to destabilize it,” it said.

APC said the President could not pretend not to be aware of a report sent home by Nigeria’s Defence Adviser in Ndjamena, Chad, in 2011, detailing the suspicious activities of Modu Sheriff in Chad concerning alleged Boko Haram sponsorship and asking the Federal Government to investigate him.

“If this is a joke, it is one joke taken too far, especially at a time that Nigeria has been losing territories after territories to Boko Haram; at a time that the same Modu Sheriff has been fingered by another source other than the Nigerian Defence Adviser in Chad, and at a time that calls are being made for an independent investigation into the allegation that Modu Sheriff and former Army Chief Azubuike Ihejirika are Boko Haram sponsors.

“Or could it be the case of it takes a thief to catch a thief?” it queried.


  1. Lai mohammed shld look in ward and see d gud side of. Mr president,u dnt criticise ur president at every move he takes,he doesint hav respect for dat office any more,its one ti dat baffles my mind,in other countries opposition dnt criticise in dis manner.its only pple dat are un cultured dat talk in dis manners against their warned Lai!

  2. apc is always looking for ways to criticize the government.. the president is out to make sure all is done to stop the insurgency. ali modu sheriff was once the governor of borno state surely he has some information which could be useful in taking down the insurgents.