B/Haram: Presidency Challenges Ex-Military, Para-Military Officers To ‘Congregate’ On Gwoza

Sarah JibrilThe Presidency has challenged all retired military and para-military officers in the country to come together and proffer solutions to the Boko Haram insurgency, expressing confidence that the insurgents will bow to their experience and ideas gathered over the years.

The Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Ethics and Values, Mrs. Sarah Jubril, who threw the challenge yesterday, pointed out that retired generals and military officers could not afford to remain in their comfort zones while the Boko Haram fighters gain more ground, overrunning towns and communities.

The presidential aide spoke in Ilorin, Kwara State, yesterday at the commencement of a 21-day training on Linking Women and Youth for Sustainable Green Development and Income Generation through Agricultural Business.

The training, which had about 120 participants, was organised by the Islamic Green Club Empowerment Initiative in conjunction with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Ethics and Values.

In a statement emanating from her office, the presidential aide called on all retired generals in the military and paramilitary agencies to “congregate” at Gwoza where Boko Haram recently declared a caliphate, to reclaim the territory.

“Let them go there. They have enjoyed the best in this country and therefore, we want to see all the retired generals, officers in all the armed forces as well as the IGs, comptroller generals, top officials of immigration and all the heads of departments should congregate and let us see whether the Boko Haram are going to defeat our generals”, she said.


  1. Thank you Mama. Where are your own children? Why not call them to go and fight. The battles we fought for Nigeria before, what did we benefit? What are we benefiting now? What makes you think that retired soldiers are your slaves?

    I am not surprised. If you have served before, you would have known the procedures for recalling reserves into active service not just to come to a public gathering and run your mouth because we are now running a democracy where people like can come out and talk any how. Those who have died in this fight against Boko Haram, what your government and your president done for their families?

    Instead of keeping quiet and continue to eat what you are eating now, you allow your foolery to becloud your ignorance and open your mouth anyhow to call retired officers to come and fight again for an ungrateful generation who discarded the ex-servicemen as soon as they have sacrificed their blood for you to enjoy. Woo betide you and your cohorts who are thinking that the men you have used and dumped should be called again to be used.

  2. Ha! Mama Sarah, this is disappointing coming frm u! I thought for a moment I was reading some beer parlor joke. This akin to a talk I once heard that d only solution to Nigeria’s problem is to kill all d former rulers of the country. Instead of making noise,mama why advise all those teeming generals to wake up to their duties & tell GEJ to also galvanize all resources at his beck to fight this malaise. Ask GEJ to also freeze all promotions,temporarily derank all officers from d rank of Brigadier,& stop the wearing of those their fanciful red flashes until they defeat. While at it, he should also announce & pay immediately a generous welfare package for men/women injured or killed in action to raise morale. Finally let him give them modern fighting equipment.


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