Boko Haram: Things Will Change Drastically By Next Month – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has promised Nigerians that the security challenge posed by members of the Boko Haram sect who have engaged in massive killing and wanton destruction of property would change drastically by next month.

Speaking yesterday at the 66th National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), President Jonathan who admitted that the nation’s greatest challenge was that of insecurity, stressed that what obtains presently in Nigeria has gone beyond terror, but plans to secede where members of Boko Haram want to install their own leadership.

Commiserating with victims of killings in Kaduna and Kano states, the President disclosed that he would be attending the United Nations General Assembly summit on Global Terrorism which all the super powers would attend.

He said: “Nigeria is having an unfair share. Terror is a global problem, and Nigeria situation is going beyond terror. When terrorists think about holding ground, attempting to install leadership, it is no longer terrorism, it is almost like going into the line of secession. Between now and October, things will change.”

He appreciated the Senate and the entire National Assembly for their statement and joining the government in this regard, promising to bring it to an end.

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