Chinese students get exam boost when parents give blood


A Chinese county is offering high school entrance exam bonus points to students whose parents donate more than a gallon of blood.

The Pujiang county government issued a directive this year stating the children of blood donors who reach the 1 gallon mark will receive a bonus point on their high school entrance exams, and the total goes up to two points for those whose parents donate 1.5 gallons and three points for children of 2-gallon donors.

The Qianjiang Evening News said it would take about five years for an adult who donates blood twice a year to reach the 1 gallon mark.

The county government is also offering blood donors incentives including reimbursement for medical bills, free rides on public transportation and cash payouts.

The policy was publicized when a 28-year-old man on social media site Weibo celebrated reaching the 1 gallon mark.

“Because of this policy, I [donated so much blood that I] have put my life at risk! [I] want to tell my future son: No worries with the high school entrance exams, Dad has already got you bonus marks!” the man posted.